Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Landraider Crusader WIP Part 2.5 and Chemistry Class

Where is Land Raider?

What? Expecting a lame random picture of Waldo? LOL

The Interior Front

The good news is my the part I ordered from the UK arrived last week Being stuck on whether I could work on it at the in laws place I decided to leave it for when I returned. Speaking of coming from the UK, I used Bitzbox and they came through having the package delivered within the guesstimated time so I will gladly use them again. I ordered a few other parts, but I will discuss those later on. My only con would be the lack of shipping information, but its not a big deal as they had a refund policy if your parts go AWOL after a certain point.

Sunday I cleaned up the part I needed (Sensor) and attached it to the new part I had to order (Front Hull) to get the missing part. I added a bit of gap filling material on the back on sensor on the interior side. Hopefully this will help cut down on the small amount of dust spray which gets in when spraying the actual exterior hull. Red dust from the red spray setting on the bone interior somewhats ruins all the hard work placed within. I then sprayed the interior side with a white prime and a bone base.



I need to make a few minor interior paint adjustments and then it is assembly time. Wait, what you had all this time, lol. Halo4 came out remember. Might I add my wife won't play 40K, but she plays multiplayer with me and she is good enough to rumble with the rest of the uncoordinated team members so I am 1 uped for coolness.

The Exterior Front

Last week I did spray the interior portions of the side hulls where the side doors will be placed. My last Land Raider I did the same so I could remove the doors. However, one will not come off and the other fall off on its own. This spraying left a bunch of over spray on the sides. I know I can simply leave it, but the light color under the red spray later might through off the color slightly. I needed to find a way to remove the excess spray paint without having to redo the spraying.

Upon conducting some research for alternate ways of removing paint beyond what I already use I decided to take a trip to my local Walgreens for some Distilled water and some Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover. When I was there I was wondering if people would wonder what I would be doing

product image
Remove paint better with studio beauty!

Plus, not a random picture.
Be warned, this stuff smells to high hell and its pink tone and mental effects will temp you to Slaanesh.

Sort of, not really. Masta Cheef is the disciple of that territory as he is the Master of the plasma spam fun fest. It reminds me of the movie Killer Klowns From Outer Space. The Clowns shot popcorn from their guns. In turn, I think the plasma chaos marines shoot confetti from there guns. However, some die on both sides so it probably is plasma.

The nail polish remover had to be tested first to avoid damage, despite using the non acetone remover. I grabbed three test pieces and placed nail polish remover on the side of two pieces with paint and on the side of one piece with bare plastic. Research mentioned this product removes paint in minutes so I return to the pieces after about five minutes.

No effect.

Glitter Text Generator

No, not actually though.

I remembered one of the painted pieces came off slightly as I swiped the product on with a q-tip. Plus the bare plastic was still bare plastic unchanged. I then took some and rubbed it on the Land Raider hull and it started stripping the paint right off the plastic. Not only did it strip the paint, it stripped through two layers of spray paint. Often I find it difficult to remove the lower layer of spray paint. This improves the overall power to strip paint in a matter of seconds compared to minutes.

With the Walking Dead on I commenced to strip paint off both exterior hull pieces and was highly successful. Only a small trace amount of color form the spray remained from each spot. The trace amounts I can leave without worry.

Here is the end result showing three important ideals and proof using Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover works to safely remove paint from plastic.

1: The actual color of the interior spray
2: The trace amounts of color left over
3: The undamaged bare plastic


Interior between hull

Overall I would recommend using Non Acetone Nail Polish Remover as a targeted paint removing medium and continue to use other full paint removal mediums as normal. If any would like additional test subject evidence feel free to ask and I can see what else the Dok can work on.

Prior to gaming over the weekend I heard the silent lash crack of where is Landraider Crusader WIP Part 3. With this in mind assembly of the Land Raider should take place sometime this week.

The Masta Cheef and I just might get some Battletech in before Sunday. So look for another battle report.