Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Learning To Fly and Go Team Lictor!

Playing 40K

Recently I had a chance to play two games of 40K using my Tyranid swarm against a new player and his Deamonkin cult. In fact those two games were the second and third time I have got to play 40K this year I believe. Both games, both armies used different list options with interesting results. As much as I detest Deamon rinces and Bloodthirsters, I had a huge pool of physic power at my disposal. I did two different things different when playing I used the rules for a flying Hive Tyrant and we used Tactical Objective cards.

Being tossed off the cliff and learning to fly isn't so bad when another player explains it from a biased opinion. The new player gave me a general run down and really thought I should just give it a go. This player honest approach to explaining flyers is how I came to face my fears of using a flying Hive Tyrant and use one in my list. Including a flying Hive tyrant made a huge different in games and I may never go back to a ground based Hive Tyrant again. Although I do love my panted Tyrant Guard. I think what might have been holding me back is the whole wait a turn to assault after grounding, but my Hive Tyrant shouldn't be assaulting anyway because he sucks at it. I learned very easily a flying shooting Hive Tyrant is an absolute menace if left unchecked and getting into assault is another story altogether.

Tactical Objective cards really changed the flow of the normal boring kill everything to actually use strategy to gain points. Tactical Objectives allowed me to emerge better in raw scoring power versus raw killing power. My set of cards has been sitting still wrapped unused for quite some time so getting some use out of them was welcomed. I will definitely use these cards much more often.

Packing for Playing 40K

The real reason for this post is something I found mildly amusing when I was packing all of my Tyranids to go play 40K. Currently I am working on painting a brood of three Lictors along with a small brood of ten Termigaunts. Naturally I would take all of my Termagaunts as they are a huge necessity my current list to work correctly as cannon fodder or Deamon Prince/Bloodthirster tar pits. My Tyranid swarm's lone Licor brood Never sees the light of day as they suck. The great hive mind has read their rules and determined them kah kah. However bad they may suck the Lictors still get packed with the rest of the swarm to go play 40K.

When I was packing the Lictors I had only painted their normal flesh color and their armor plates minus any shading. Their look amused me slightly as they looked like football players. For a minute their I thought my Lictors had switched game systems. My Lictors looked like they were wearing helmets, shoulder pads, and knee pads and them middle Lictor in the picture below looks like he is ready to receive a pass.

Team Lictor's Star Quarterback and his guards.

"Hut One, Hut Two, Hike"
Since taking this picture, the inner flesh has been painted and the armor shading has been applied. The Lictors still looked like football players, lol. Painting the scything talons kind of took the look away, but made them look like mean football players. Painting the flesh hooks removed the look and they were no longer football players, but Lictors invading a planet slaughtering football players and everything else. The Lictors own the stadium now.

 "Go Team Lictor!"

This is all for this post. I just wanted to provide a little information about my time in the 40K universe. I will continue painting my Tyranids for sure and playing 40K when I can and try to capture a Battle Report, because they are full of the lulz I enjoy. Next post I will be switching to Battletech where I will give some information and notes for an upcoming Battletech game for my current ATOW RPG game I run. Soon along after you should see a Battletech Battle Report and my finished painted brood of Lictors.

Monday, June 22, 2015

I've been Working on the Tyranid swarm.

I've been Working on the Tyranid swarm. All the live long day.

Working on a Tyranid swarm due to the large model count is sometimes a daunting process to handle and complete. This post is a look into how I go about working on my swarm so hopefully the entire swarm comes together finished at some point to a fully primed army and hopefully a fully painted army.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Woes of Painting Tyranid 3rd Edition Biovores

Returning from vacation

I meant to get this posted in late May,before I went on vacation, but later is better than never. It is a bit of backstory and general thoughts on painting this fellow here.