Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Show Me the Lictors!

A brood of Lictors joins the swarm.

My June monthly paint project was my Lictors. My Lictors have never felt more than a black prime coat of paint. The Lictors for the longest time have been cosplaying Sirius Black and the GW case they live in is Azkaban.

" We have done our waiting!"

"Twelve years of it in storage!"

The old prime coat was removed and a new prime coat applied. Off they went to receive their first taste of real painting and basing oh my.

Friday, July 10, 2015

ATOW Battletech Campaign Update Part 1

ATOW Battletech Campaign

This post details information concerning my ongoing ATOW Battletech RPG game I currently run. This post will help catch up readers and bring them up to speed on what events have unfolded revealing further story line since the last battle report was posted. I have garnered the attention from a few new readers thirsty for information along with some nice compliments to my posts. My RPG players are encouraged to check and read these types of posts for information as well. Sometimes they may find hidden details, leads, and secrets in these posts and I know one player has been checking and waiting for the next post.

If you are a current reader or by chance a new reader please follow along and check back for the next update. This will be the first of possibly two or three updates leading to a few battletech battle reports posted one after the other.