Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Show Me the Lictors!

A brood of Lictors joins the swarm.

My June monthly paint project was my Lictors. My Lictors have never felt more than a black prime coat of paint. The Lictors for the longest time have been cosplaying Sirius Black and the GW case they live in is Azkaban.

" We have done our waiting!"

"Twelve years of it in storage!"

The old prime coat was removed and a new prime coat applied. Off they went to receive their first taste of real painting and basing oh my.

These Lictors, like many other models in my Tyranid army apparently are third edition models. This will not be the last of the third edition models to paint either. I have a brood of Gargoyles to paint, a brood of Tyrant Guard to maybe paint, and a Hive Tyrant and Carnifex to maybe maybe paint. The last two models have been replaced with new versions which are far better and larger than their predecessors.

Painting the Lictors

Painting progressed using the same method with the Lictors as the rest of  the Tyranids painted before them post paint scheme change. I applied a third layer of ink for the overall flesh color which made them slightly darker in color and more alien in appearance. I feel I have been doing this as far back as the Raveners, but I could be wrong. I'll need to take some time for a what has bee painted so far army shot for show off and comparison purposes.

The flesh hooks I painted the same color as the ammunition for impaler cannons Hive Guard use. I feel flesh hooks and impaler cannon ammunition are probably the same form of symbiotic organism. Both although are mutated to serve their separate purposes.

I still need to add some additional base material to two of the Lictors. The additional base material either works with me or against me. I believe I applied base material in opposite order causing an isue with the material not gluing down right away.

One of the Lictors needs a rending claw replaced. I lost a claw during the paint stripping process, but a replacement has been found by using a rending claw from the monstrous creature sprue.

You can barely see it, but I experimented with applying green ink on the mouth tendrils. I haven't decided if I wanted to paint them green or not. I wonder if painting them would take to much attention away or would it bring attention closer to the overall center.

Lictor Modeling Shots

A few close up pictures of a single Lictor.

I received a comment online stating "Your Lictors look rather evil, which is a good thing. I like that they're darker in the middle, kinda like a big black hole of nothingness." This felt great to read as I feel this helps the version get the impression I wanted to give  when painting and posing the models.

I discovered the maw had teeth to pick out I even had to check an older codex for reference. believe a bit of highlighting of the claws and hooves will help bring them out a bit more. This will matter a lot on models like Broodlords and Genestealers where the claws are their main features past their distinctive faces.

Despite the Lictors being painted, I don't see much use for them as they suck against almost anything currently rules wise. If I ever get to play a game where they have a chance at actually doing something, maybe, but till then .... nope.

This is all for now. I wanted to push some Termigaunts as well, but I slowed a bit on them which is fine with me. Termigaunts should be up next to show. Later on in the future I have in the works Zoanthropes, Gargoyles, a Carnifex, and more Termigaunts. My Tyranid army is being painting and it is looking good.

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