Sunday, April 29, 2012

Battletech Battle Report!

Last Wednesday, DA MASTA CHEEF and I played another game of Battletech. We again used preselected Battlemechs using the First Strike scenario book. We both change a Battlemech for a better variant.

Here is the battle report. I agree it is not the best, but it was fun to play, fun to write, and fun to learn.

Mapsheet Selection

South mapsheet            Map Set 5 - Open Terrain #2
North mapsheet            Map Set 7 - Coast #2

Mapsheets were position South to North on their long sides. The South map’s large tree line was near the far South edge while North map’s coast was on the West and the hills on the East.


Medium Lance

JM6-S Jagermech - Trade for variant JM6-A *

* The JM6-S variant was traded for the JM6-A variant for better armor and firepower.


Quick-Strike Lance

CLNT-2-3T Clint Traded for variant CLNT-1-2R *

* The CLNT-2-3T variant was traded for the CLNT-1-2R variant for better firepower

While on patrol in the open territory of the southern border a medium lance detects the signatures of incoming battlemechs. The defending battlemechs setup a firing line in the sparse tree lines along the Southern borderline. The Catapult and Jagermech stood together while the Trebuchet stood a distance between them and the Panther a distance as well. The panther was kept slightly behind all defending mechs to guard the lower flank and the rear from invading fast mechs. The attacking battlemechs appeared at the far north edge revealing a full enemy quick-strike lance.

The Grasshopper moved at full speed in the open to draw fire from the heavy mechs. The dervish followed close behind keeping the distance. The Clint moved at full speed in the open while gaining some defense from intervening tree lines. The commando kept to the hills using speed for defense and tree lines to hide from sight. The defending panther armed with a deadly PPC was aware of his approach.

The Grasshopper, Dervish, and Clint attempted to use long range firepower to soften up the defending heavy mechs while closing the distance. The commando kept moving at top speed while trying to remain hidden. The panther was aware of the commando's speed and kept the command from approaching any further with warning blasts from its PPC.

The attacking battlemechs had no choice but to push forward through a wall of incoming LRM fire coming from 6 separate launchers. The Combined LRM firepower from the Catapult, Jagermech, and Trebuchet was beginning to damage the Grasshopper and the Clint. The dervish kept distance to bring its own LRM firepower to bear to no avail.

The Grasshopper finally closed the distance to begin bring a large amount of close range firepower, but in the process took a devastating gyro hit along with an engine hit. Despite the crippling blows the Grasshopper understood the LRM firepower had to be disrupted or it would tear the attacking battlemechs to shreds. Picking his initial damage dealer, the Grasshopper closed the distance to the Jagermech and began to tear its armor off. The Catapult moved forward to assist the Jagermech and push the Grasshopper off. The Catapult moving forward caused the Grasshopper to switch targets to it and suffer a fair share of armor stripping.

The next few moments became a mech power struggle for ground. The attacking mechs were attempted to push forward while the defending mechs attempted to push back. The defending mechs were stuck fighting the Grasshopper at close ranges while the Dervish and Clint engaged at long range. The Grasshopper shredded more armor on the Jagermech while taking a second engine hit in the process. The Catapult attacked the dervish causing enough internal damage forcing the pilot to dump all his SRM ammo thereby silencing his SRM launchers. The relentless Grasshopper tore enough armor off the Jagermech to damage an LRM launcher and force the pilot to dump all remaining AC/2 ammo and half of the remaining LRM ammo. The Jagermech with its AC/2 cannons silenced mech overheating was forced to switch to medium lasers in order to cool down. The Grasshopper was wreaking havoc on the heavy mechs while inside their minimum range forcing the heavy mechs to revert to close range weapons. The Grasshopper with the supporting Dervish had taken down some of the LRM defense. All of the mechs were badly damaged and overheating. The overheating caused the heavy mechs to slow down giving the faster attacking mechs a chance to push past.

The Grasshopper was missing armor everywhere and running hot. In worry of losing the objective the Dervish was ordered to engage the heavy mechs at close range with the assistance of the Clint. The plan seemed to work as it drew the defending mechs closer. In the heat of the moment the Grasshopper was finally shutdown from a third engine hit from the Jagermech. The dervish began to take on both heavy mechs at once buying time for the faster mechs to push through. The Clint moved upon the Jagermech in hopes of a crippling blow but was denied by the approach of the Trebuchet.

While the dervish fought on, the Trebuchet successfully chased off the Clint, and at the same time the commando pushed completely past the defenders with little damage. The trebuchet broke off to pursue the faster mechs along with the panther. The dervish was now in perfect position keeping both heavy mechs busy and luring them away from the faster mechs.

The fast mechs stopped advancing along the far tree line near the South edge revealing to the defenders their true purpose, and extraction. Both the Clint and the commando speed towards the border and to their escape line along the north edge. The Clint had stopped for a few moments longer then the commando advertising its role in the attacking force.

The panther attempted to stop the escape of the faster mechs, but their speed was too much to keep up with or get a good shot through. The Trebuchet rained down LRM fire upon the commando striking its engine and damaging its SRM6 launcher. This damage caused the pilot to dump the SRM ammo.

The trebuchet continued to peruse, however the Clint, feeling the pressure of the chase fired on the Trebuchet and moments later the Commando followed. The bold attack worked and with luck the Trebuchet was truck in the head twice, first by the Clint and then followed by the commando. Despite the cockpit almost being destroyed the Trebuchet continued its pursuit launching salvo after salvo of LRM fire at the escaping fast mechs.

The Dervish having kept the heavy mechs busy far enough began to head for the north edge. The dervish met the panther and suffered a devastating hit to its arm removing a medium laser. The dervish was now down to speed and a medium laser for defense, all of its LRM ammo was expended. The defending heavy mechs had broken away from the Dervish except a few shots from the Jagermech and the Panther.

The Catapult sped past the Dervish to give chase to the escaping battlemechs. The additional firepower was not enough to catch the Clint at full speed since leaving the tree line. The Clint escaped with the extracted scout while the commando was destroyed at the North edge.

The attacking quick-strike lance was victorious by extracting the scout.

Defender damage report

Medium Lance

CPLT-C1 Catapult
LRM15 destroyed
50% LRM 15 ammo dumped
Remaining LRM 15 ammo down to 5 packs
Critical damage to left and right arms
JM6-A Jagermech
LRM 15 destroyed
50% LRM 15 ammo dumped
Remaining LRM 15 ammo down to 8 packs
100% of remaining AC/2 ammo dumped
Both AC/2s silenced
Critical damage to left arm
TBT-5N Trebuchet
Remaining LRM 15 ammo down to 5packs
Critical damage to head
PNT-9R Panther
No damage

0% Battlemechs destroyed
0% Pilots killed

Attacker damage report

Quick-Strike Lance

GHR-5H Grasshopper
Gyro hit
Engine destroyed
Battlemech destroyed
DV-6M Dervish
Remaining SRM2 ammo dumped
Both SRM2s silenced
Lower arm actuator destroyed
Med laser destroyed
LRM 10 destroyed
50% of remaining LRM 10 ammo dumped
Remaining LRM 10 ammo exhausted
Critical damage to the left arm, left torso, and center torso
CLNT-1-2R Clint
Heat sink destroyed
COM-2D Commando
SRM6 destroyed
Engine hit
Internal structure destroyed
Battlemech destroyed

50% Battlemechs destroyed
0% Pilots killed


  • The coast line map may or may not have been the best choice, but it was fun to use it.
  • I kept the Panther back to protect the rear, but I should have remembered fast Battlemechs are hard to hit with one weapon at range. His only good shot was against the Dervish.
  • The Grasshopper is a brawler and a dangerous Battlemech is left unchecked.
  • The Dervish has a way of being a battlefield asset.
  • Switching the Jagermech variant was worth it and I was suprised it held out so long.
  • Dumping ammunition is a tough choice, but can keep a Battlemech alive longer.
  • My opponent loves using AC/10s against me, I understand this now.
  • My opponent again used a tactic which is both bold and scary in its own rights where he will engage one of my Battlemechs at close range.

  1. Last game it was
  • Enforcer versus Catapult
  1. This game is was
  • Grasshopper versus Catapult/Jagermech
  • Dervish versus Catapult/Jagermech
  1. All occurrence left Battlemechs armor in critical condition. This tactic has proved its worth twice now at shutting down LRM firepower, by either getting in minimum range or destroying the LRM launcher.
  • My opponent rightly earned my distraction twice to his advantage.
  1. First after revealing the Clint as the scout extracting Battlemech he distracted me by speeding the commando in the open. The tempting target lured my desire to attack while buying time for the Clint
  2. Second by having his Dervish engages and entertain my two heavy mechs. The Jagermech although heavily damaged still had a functioning LRM 15. The addition LRM could have stopped the Clint from escaping perhaps. The Jagermech did bring down the Commando after I had realized the error.
Till next time.

Monday, April 23, 2012

A new Battletech unit is born.


A big thank you to all the members of the House of Paincakes for listing me and viewing my blog.


Recently I opened an old box held in storage full of Battletech game supplements.

Last week my friend Corey and I played a game of Battletech playing a mission with predetermined 3025 level Battlemechs from the old First Strike scenario book. The game went well and we were both amazed how many missiles were wasted and lots of innocent sand and trees were burned.

All of the Battletech action encouraged me go find all the metal miniatures I still owned.

I found 11 Battlemechs and 6 vehicles.

With some thought and imagination I think this rag tag beat up unit made of old, salvaged, stolen, and purchased Battlemechs and Vehicles should be the start of a new unit in the Battletech universe.

Here is the most current unit Battlemech and Vehicle inventory.


Class Wieght  
Quantity Name Tonnage   Acquired

Light         (20-35)  
1  Locust 20   Unit Stock                
1  Commando 25  Open Market Purchase             
1  Firefly 30  Mission Payment             
1  Firestarter 35  Unit Stock
Medium (40-55)  
1  Whitworth 40 Unit Stock
1  Kintaro 55  Combat Mission Raid
Heavy (60-75)  
1  Caeser 70   Combat Mission Salvage
1  No-Dachi   70   Combat Mission Raid
Assault (80-100)  
1  Awesome   80  Unit Stock
1  Akuma 90   Black Market Purchase
1  Atlas 100   Open Market Purchase


Class Wieght  
Quantity  Name  Tonnage   Acquired

Light (0-35)
Medium (40-55)  
2  Maxim  55  Acquired with Infantry
Heavy (60-75)  
2  Manticore  60  Unit Stock
2  SRM Carrier   60  Open Market Purchase
Assult (80-100)

Obviously some units are in need of minor and or major repairs.

The Locust is missing both arm weapon mounts and torso weapon. Weapons are unavailable.
The Firestarter needs a hex base.
The No-Dachi is missing both arms and head.
* Right and left arms available for repair. Head is missing and unavailable.
The Caeser is missing both arms and the torso weapon.
* Right arm  available for repair. Left and torso weapon are missing and unavailable.

This leaves me with work to do both in game and out of game.

Next post I will show you my fully magnetized Blood Angel's Death Company miniatures.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Updates

I would like to show off my large terrain piece project I have been slowly working on.

The terrain piece represents the remnents of a once heavily fortified defending position. The defending position was eventually breached by an attacking force who overan the defending force causing the defenders to completely abandon the position and gear in haste leaving the area to rot and rust with age.

Barriers were added to block the first two large entrances and applied a generous amount of rubble and ballast around the barriers. This shows how the original defenders stacked rubble and earth on and against the barriers to prevent the barriers from being breached. The barricades have heavy amounts of rust showing the barriers were never breached. The defenders would have added onr or two rows of razor wire which still needs to be apllied. I am curently indecisive on how to add the razor wire and how far to stretch the wire with respect to the size of the scale of normal 40K miniatures. The razor wire will show rust as well.

Heavy stubbers will sit on the sandbags of the ruined sections connected to the barricades. I feel two heavy stubbers and two to three correspnding ammo cans left laying about is a good number. The heavy stubbers and ammo cans are from Leamn Russ accessories sprue. A missile launcher will sit on the sandbags of the ruined section located in the rear. The missile launcher is from the Imperial Guard heavy weapons kit. All weapons and ammo will show heavy rust as they were abandoned in haste exposed to weather allowing generous amounts of rust to flurish.

The razor wire on the left ruined sectionwas a test idea. I originally planned for only heavy stubbers on the right, but this would give the idea the left side was undefended. Just some razor wire would not be enough so another set of heavy stubbers and ammo cans will be added.

Here are some proposed positions for the weapons and ammo containers. I am at odds with the loan missile. There is a built in ammo box with smaller missiles in the ruined section itself which conflicts with the length of the loan missile. Perhaps I can find more missiles.

The terrain was designed for game purposes with these intentions

  • Provide a large terrain foot print of 12" by 12"
  • Provide cover for advancing or defending infantry
  • Slow movement of advancing infantry
  • Provide defensive position for defending infantry
  • Prevent or slow movement of attacking infantry
  • Prevent or slow dreadnought and or monstrous creature movement (To avoid terrain damage)
  • Prevent vehicle movement (To avoid terrain damag)

Further thoughts and ideas

The front entrance should serve as a choke point and or death trap.
Thought of adding a heavy bolter at the rusted oil drums pointing at the front entrance.
  • This adds to the idea of the heavily fortified position.
  • This adds to the idea of a breaching or open rear entrance.
  • A missile launcher could work just as well, but variety is the spice of death.
The small right side entrance represents an older breach. Adding razor wire or barricade material to block it can represent patch repair work.
Rear entrance is an escape point. I am undecided on whether to leave this open, closed, or breached.
Barricades ripped and pushed apart to the sides with mangled and snapped razor wire attached could provide a good breached rear entrance look.
Static grass has been mentioned to show a nature reclaimed look.

So based upon the background, design, and painting so far, what do you think? Suggestions?

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter spoils and 40K foils

Oh how I love to plan to get much accomplished, but don't get much accomplished.

Anyway, here goes.

Saturday was lost to playing Halo Reach, Movie time with the family  watching Captain America, and more Halo Reach. I am a Field Marshall progressing towad Hero!

Sunday afternoon I was able to work on my large terrain piece a little. It suffered a drop last week and the shock did some rather nasty damage. I was able to re-attach the barricades which broke off, but I lost a lot of ballast in the process. Taking my time I added new pieces of concrete rubble and a mix of fine and medium ballast. The new materials I believe will blend in well and cover the missing areas. I use Gale Force Nine's Concrete Rubble Mix and it is a superb product. I would like to add ballast where I want to, but adding fresh ballast can be a pain as it may not all glue down. Removing ballast can be a pain as well as it is essentially sand and like Anikin said "It gets everywhere". Unlike Anakin, I stopped and did not leave in a rage intent on murdering the local indienious population. I was not able to get a picture yet, but tonight I should finish what I started and get the terrain back to its original state prior to the drop. Which will be ready for another picture.

My attention was lost at some point in the later evening to playing Minecraft.

For the meantime here is a picture of one of my other current projects which is a new Land Radier Crusader for my Blood Angel's army. I like to use bone color in the interior of all my Blood Angel's vehicles if you are wondering. I am in the process of working on the next stage of adding color to the black areas. This process has been slowed since GW is changing their paint line somewhat and adding some much needed colors I need, such as brass.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Blog Start

Set start, Tough Luck on

I created this blog in 2011 with the intention of starting a blog back in 2011. It is now 2012 and here I am still procrastinating about my very first post.

Whatever ...


I have always thought of myself as a gamer who uses a large spectrum of medium choice to game with. Following is a short list of what king of game I play. This list does not even include my collections and other hobbies outside of gaming which I might show off one day for the fun of it.

Board games - Descents, Space Hulk
Card games - Magic The Gathering, Killer Bunnies
Strategy games - Risk, Axis and Allies
War games - Battletech, Warhammer 40,000
Role-playing games - FAIL (The blog description explains this in a nutshell.)
Computer Games - Minecraft, TF2
Video Games - Halo, Fallout, Gears or War

With respect to the blog title and blog description I will try to give an insight of how I enjoy being a gamer. With good content I can continue to play the games I love, discover new games and attract others to game with along the way.

For the most part Warhammer 40,000 will have a dominant pressence on this blog. The good thing about this is I can show off my models and my terrain and maybe get some much needed comments and critiques.

I will stick to a minimum weekly post update as long as I have some content to share. I feel there is more than enough content to post an update more than once a week so keep checking back.

I'll follow up later this weekend with some pictures and detail of some of my current projects I am working on. Till then feel free to follow me along.