Monday, April 23, 2012

A new Battletech unit is born.


A big thank you to all the members of the House of Paincakes for listing me and viewing my blog.


Recently I opened an old box held in storage full of Battletech game supplements.

Last week my friend Corey and I played a game of Battletech playing a mission with predetermined 3025 level Battlemechs from the old First Strike scenario book. The game went well and we were both amazed how many missiles were wasted and lots of innocent sand and trees were burned.

All of the Battletech action encouraged me go find all the metal miniatures I still owned.

I found 11 Battlemechs and 6 vehicles.

With some thought and imagination I think this rag tag beat up unit made of old, salvaged, stolen, and purchased Battlemechs and Vehicles should be the start of a new unit in the Battletech universe.

Here is the most current unit Battlemech and Vehicle inventory.


Class Wieght  
Quantity Name Tonnage   Acquired

Light         (20-35)  
1  Locust 20   Unit Stock                
1  Commando 25  Open Market Purchase             
1  Firefly 30  Mission Payment             
1  Firestarter 35  Unit Stock
Medium (40-55)  
1  Whitworth 40 Unit Stock
1  Kintaro 55  Combat Mission Raid
Heavy (60-75)  
1  Caeser 70   Combat Mission Salvage
1  No-Dachi   70   Combat Mission Raid
Assault (80-100)  
1  Awesome   80  Unit Stock
1  Akuma 90   Black Market Purchase
1  Atlas 100   Open Market Purchase


Class Wieght  
Quantity  Name  Tonnage   Acquired

Light (0-35)
Medium (40-55)  
2  Maxim  55  Acquired with Infantry
Heavy (60-75)  
2  Manticore  60  Unit Stock
2  SRM Carrier   60  Open Market Purchase
Assult (80-100)

Obviously some units are in need of minor and or major repairs.

The Locust is missing both arm weapon mounts and torso weapon. Weapons are unavailable.
The Firestarter needs a hex base.
The No-Dachi is missing both arms and head.
* Right and left arms available for repair. Head is missing and unavailable.
The Caeser is missing both arms and the torso weapon.
* Right arm  available for repair. Left and torso weapon are missing and unavailable.

This leaves me with work to do both in game and out of game.

Next post I will show you my fully magnetized Blood Angel's Death Company miniatures.


  1. What are those SRM carriers supposed to be, Cicada repellent?!?

  2. I was checking the record sheet and I somewhat frowned upon them having only 12 points of armour on all sides. They won't last long at all even despite moving. They are just support assets and nothing else.

  3. That's a lovely collection of books and miniatures. I hope you continue playing and writing about your experiences.