Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter spoils and 40K foils

Oh how I love to plan to get much accomplished, but don't get much accomplished.

Anyway, here goes.

Saturday was lost to playing Halo Reach, Movie time with the family  watching Captain America, and more Halo Reach. I am a Field Marshall progressing towad Hero!

Sunday afternoon I was able to work on my large terrain piece a little. It suffered a drop last week and the shock did some rather nasty damage. I was able to re-attach the barricades which broke off, but I lost a lot of ballast in the process. Taking my time I added new pieces of concrete rubble and a mix of fine and medium ballast. The new materials I believe will blend in well and cover the missing areas. I use Gale Force Nine's Concrete Rubble Mix and it is a superb product. I would like to add ballast where I want to, but adding fresh ballast can be a pain as it may not all glue down. Removing ballast can be a pain as well as it is essentially sand and like Anikin said "It gets everywhere". Unlike Anakin, I stopped and did not leave in a rage intent on murdering the local indienious population. I was not able to get a picture yet, but tonight I should finish what I started and get the terrain back to its original state prior to the drop. Which will be ready for another picture.

My attention was lost at some point in the later evening to playing Minecraft.

For the meantime here is a picture of one of my other current projects which is a new Land Radier Crusader for my Blood Angel's army. I like to use bone color in the interior of all my Blood Angel's vehicles if you are wondering. I am in the process of working on the next stage of adding color to the black areas. This process has been slowed since GW is changing their paint line somewhat and adding some much needed colors I need, such as brass.


  1. White interior for the sons of the blood primarch? Next thing you know someone will give them wings and make them look like even bigger Maxi Pads. :P The trolling has begun!

    Nice work on the interior, but bone white? Are you sure your not a closet DARK Angel player? Looking forward to seeing it put together.