Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Project Updates

I would like to show off my large terrain piece project I have been slowly working on.

The terrain piece represents the remnents of a once heavily fortified defending position. The defending position was eventually breached by an attacking force who overan the defending force causing the defenders to completely abandon the position and gear in haste leaving the area to rot and rust with age.

Barriers were added to block the first two large entrances and applied a generous amount of rubble and ballast around the barriers. This shows how the original defenders stacked rubble and earth on and against the barriers to prevent the barriers from being breached. The barricades have heavy amounts of rust showing the barriers were never breached. The defenders would have added onr or two rows of razor wire which still needs to be apllied. I am curently indecisive on how to add the razor wire and how far to stretch the wire with respect to the size of the scale of normal 40K miniatures. The razor wire will show rust as well.

Heavy stubbers will sit on the sandbags of the ruined sections connected to the barricades. I feel two heavy stubbers and two to three correspnding ammo cans left laying about is a good number. The heavy stubbers and ammo cans are from Leamn Russ accessories sprue. A missile launcher will sit on the sandbags of the ruined section located in the rear. The missile launcher is from the Imperial Guard heavy weapons kit. All weapons and ammo will show heavy rust as they were abandoned in haste exposed to weather allowing generous amounts of rust to flurish.

The razor wire on the left ruined sectionwas a test idea. I originally planned for only heavy stubbers on the right, but this would give the idea the left side was undefended. Just some razor wire would not be enough so another set of heavy stubbers and ammo cans will be added.

Here are some proposed positions for the weapons and ammo containers. I am at odds with the loan missile. There is a built in ammo box with smaller missiles in the ruined section itself which conflicts with the length of the loan missile. Perhaps I can find more missiles.

The terrain was designed for game purposes with these intentions

  • Provide a large terrain foot print of 12" by 12"
  • Provide cover for advancing or defending infantry
  • Slow movement of advancing infantry
  • Provide defensive position for defending infantry
  • Prevent or slow movement of attacking infantry
  • Prevent or slow dreadnought and or monstrous creature movement (To avoid terrain damage)
  • Prevent vehicle movement (To avoid terrain damag)

Further thoughts and ideas

The front entrance should serve as a choke point and or death trap.
Thought of adding a heavy bolter at the rusted oil drums pointing at the front entrance.
  • This adds to the idea of the heavily fortified position.
  • This adds to the idea of a breaching or open rear entrance.
  • A missile launcher could work just as well, but variety is the spice of death.
The small right side entrance represents an older breach. Adding razor wire or barricade material to block it can represent patch repair work.
Rear entrance is an escape point. I am undecided on whether to leave this open, closed, or breached.
Barricades ripped and pushed apart to the sides with mangled and snapped razor wire attached could provide a good breached rear entrance look.
Static grass has been mentioned to show a nature reclaimed look.

So based upon the background, design, and painting so far, what do you think? Suggestions?


  1. I'm just wondering as to how many of my missile teams I can cram into that, both squads ya think?