Monday, October 15, 2018

The Return to 40K

The Loss of Interest in 40K

A long time ago I admit I completely lost interest in 40K for a number of reasons. All of these reasons put together was simply to much to make me completely quit 40K. I still had interest in other games, mostly Battletech and Robotech. However I have branched of into hobby areas such as Gunpla (Influnce solely completely from my friend Dan.), some scale modeling. I also started collecting and building Legos with my wife which has always been a favorite of mine. I also play games on my XBOX ONE and my PC so no explanation there.

The Winding Down of Other Favored Games

Battletech had a wind down as my long running ATOW RPG game came to a halt when one of our players had a dramatic change in his life. Robotech was a complete failure. I may continue painting the models and maybe play the game in the future, but for now Fuck It ALL.

The Rise of Gunpla and Scale Modeling

Happily Gunpla and scale modeling are here to stay. Dan show me countless times one his excellent work on his models so I joined the fray. I have bought many and built many and I don't plan to stop. It is a far different hobby then wargaming so it is nice to be a part of it.

The Renewed Interest in 40K

While working in Knoxville, I passed by a game store I have never been to. I poked around and saw the new Kill Team merchandise. On a repeat visit I purchased the Starter Box which came with everything I would need to play the game. I started assembling, I started painting, then came my Codex Tyranids, then came a game of 40K.

It was fun to play a game again with Dan. It was also nice to use some of his older Tyranid models since I managed to forget to bring half my models and my wife ha to  bring me my codex, lolz.
I will  point out the yellow Tyranids are my color scheme. I like 8th edition a lot.

I probably have more to say, but I have said enough for now. More to follow soon as I have more to show.