Monday, December 17, 2012

Land Raider WIP Part 3

No new painting has been done as of yet, but I am well into the post internal painting assembly stage. Most weekends lately I have been busy, not wanting, or weather stopping. The weekdays only allow a small window and I still get wind.

Either way I want to show I am still working, not giving up temporarily, or stopping completely.

Here is how the model looks so far.

One key detail is the side sponsor pieces which hold the hurricane bolters are glued in place to the outer hold. The side panels will be held in place with something to allow them to be spray painted and protect the interior painted portions. The cupolas above are all unglued as well so they can be swapped and so forth for specific vehicle loadouts.

The two opening flaps which make the load/unload ramp I stripped of paint and spray them red as it will look much better once the outer hull is red. The red paint will get an inking like the outer hull to match.

Why so Serious?

Here is a final shot of the computer panel as well. Bad picture which makes me sad since it is glued in now. I ended up using a two tone panel scheme along with light green lines and dots, and a final white dot in the upper corner. A final gloss varnish was applied to the screens.

I did some work with the screen on the right interior hull as well. I tried to make a grid pattern with red and green squares and movement markers. I think it came out fine, but hard to work with, but good for a first try.

Here are two great tools which helped me with the computer screens.

The first is a ZIG calligraphy pigment ink marker with 0.5 and 1.2 tips. This works great for making any dark marks. I wanted to use it on the purity seals on the engine, but decided not to. I did use it on the screen with great success. However applying a wash can make it run so care and patience is advised.

It was in a pack of four different colors and I got them back in the 90's and have never really used them till now.

The second was gamble being a Treehouse paint marker. The glowing green colored match scorpion green quite well and the tip was small enough to work with.

I purchased this marker at Hobby Lobby for around $4 and I forgot the % off coupon, nice.

Hope you enjoy and find something useful.


  1. Did Screech paint the outside? (if he reads this, there will be much hate for me shortly...)

    Oh, and the open front hatch makes it kinda look like a LR with lipstick, lol. Though once fully painted that effect will go away.

  2. Da Masta Cheef

    Finder of lolz in my posts since post 1.