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Battletech Battle Report

I bring you another Battletech Battle Report. This battle report is a Battletech game from an encounter during the second campaign of my ongoing ATOW campaign.

The story so far

The players have found their way to the planet Arisfire where they are staging at a large FWL Personel and Inventory Requisition Training Installation PIRT. While requisitioning replacement battlemechs the players found themselves in a mechwarrior brawl. A replacement Marauder arrived for Jave's Rifleman, but not for the removal of the Rifleman. There is still some misinformation whether Jave owns the Rifleman or not. When Jave discovered the removal of the Rifleman he abruptly started a brawl among other mechwarriors eventually pulling in the rest of the players. Jave's trouble making caused Jave to spend some time in the brig while the players were placed on punishment duty. One of their punishments was to go check on a listening post on the planet Sutov. The mission would be to make sure the post was receiving their normal allotted supplies. The post is known to receive small attacks from time to time.

When the players arrived at the planet Sutov they received a distress call from the post. The supply ship had gone down somewhere outside the post sensor range. The post occupants attempted to locate the down supply ship, but where met with resistance outside their normal ability to deal with. The players would have to go investigate the downs supply ship as soon as they hit the surface of the planet and if necessary deal with the reported resistance.

Battle Setup



Seek and destroy

Mission Objective

The FWL forces must defend a downed supply ship from being raided by combined mercenary forces.

Mission Rules

Floating Criticals, Careful Stand, Forced Withdrawal


Mapsheet Selection

Lake Area
River Valley

North is up

Mapsheet layout

West - Lake Area
Battletech logo pointed North
East - River Valley
Battletech logo pointed North

The map layout offered protection for both forces on the way to the objective and a central open no man's land objective zone.

Battle Forces


Headless Help Mercenary forces

Mech lance

Trebuchet TBT-5N   -   G 4 / P 4
Wolverine WVR-6M   -   G 4 / P
Wolverine II miniature used for representation.
Quickdraw QKD-4G   -   G 3 / P 4
Ostsol OTL-4D     -   G 3 / P 4
Lancelot miniature used used for representation.


Heavy Wheeled APC  01 G 4 / D 4
Heavy Wheeled APC  02 G 4 / D 4


Infantry Platoon 01 (Laser)  G 4
Infantry Platoon 02 (Laser)  G 4


FWL 9th Marik Malitia

Mech Lance

Phoenix Hawk PHX-1  -  G 4 / P 5
Wolverine WVR-6M    -  G 4 / P 6 *With Re-roll
* Extra simulator time during down time.
Crusader CRD-3R     -  G 3 / P 3
2 x MG and MG Ammo replaced with 2 x Heat Sink
Thug THG-11E        -  G 4 / P 4
Awesome miniature used for representation until morphing to a Thug miniature.

Battle Report


Attacking forces deployed on the West map edge.
Defending forces deployed on the East map edge.

Turn 01

Both forces moved towards the downed supply ship. The FWL forces negotiated the large hill. Tne Thug chose to bypass the hill and head directly for the river as the Crusader chose to follow the lower outline lip of the hill. The FWL medium battlemechs jumped over the hill.

The Ostsol took the longer route while shepherding APC 01 to the objective. The mercenary Wolverine followed the outline of the lake to the forested area where APC 02 would enter. The Trebuchet headed for a small hill which appeared to be a usable fire position. The Quickdraw kept a low profile for the moment.

Turn 02

The mercenary force figured they would have better suvival rating for the APCs arriving to the objective if they split them up with an attached battlemech to guard them. The Ostsol and APC 01 moved in open terrain to achieve top speed. The Wolverine and APC 02 moved into the forest for cover. The Trebuchet climbed the small hill to get into a firing position. The Quickdraw jumped to a small forest area for cover.

The FWL medium battlemechs jumped to intercept APC 01 using the the edge of forest for cover.
The FWL heavy battlemechs both moved to edge of the river to cross with the Thug out of sight

Combat was predictable seeing APC 01's front armor completely destroyed leaving Infantry Platoon 01 left inside to huff it to the objective over open ground.

Turn 03

Infantry Platoon 01 moved to the objective over open ground as the Phoenix Hawk gave chase intent on dispersing them with machine gun fire. APC 02 delivered Infantry Platoon 02 to the objective. The Ostsol and the Mercenary Wolverine moved to the objective to help secure and protect the infantry. The Quickdraw moved to the objective in support while the Trebuchet moved off the small hill into a river below.

The FWL medium battlemechs engage enemy forces. The Phoenix Hawk engaged APC 02 while harassing Laser Infantry Platoon 01 from the cover of a forest. The Wolverine engaged APC 02 in the open terrain with a bit of speed as an added buffer. The FWL heavy battlemechs entered the river with the Crusader's view obscured slightly and the Thug still out of sight.

Combat was predictable again seeing APC 02's driver hit first followed by the rest of the crew being killed. The dead crew was not predicted, destruction of the vehicle was and this didn't happen. The Ostsol fell due to some unexpected FWL combined firepower.

Turn 04

Infantry Platoon 01 continued to move to the objective harassed by the Pheonix Hawk. The Ostsol taking a bit more damage than expected back pedaled from the objective while the FWL Wolverine moved in pursuit to flank it from the rear.

The Crusader emerged from the river to the cover of a forest. The Quickdraw and the mercenary Wolverine moved to bar the Crusader from entering the objective zone. The Trebuchet stayed in the river to support its lance mates. The Thug working through te forest has a small view area to support its lance mates.

Combat saw battlemechs fighting battlemechs save the Phoenix Hawk's continuous harassment of the infantry moving towards the objective. The Crusader and the Ostsol both received combined firepower from their respective enemy forces. The Crusader was more vulnerable for not moving which left it open to a dual assault.

Turn 05

The Thug emerged from the forest into the open objective area finally giving the mechwarrior full battle coverage.

The Phoenix Hawk didn't move in to control the objective area now the Ostsol had been pushed off. This garnered the attention of the Quickdraw which moved to push the Phoenix Hawk from the objective.

The Crusader stayed put as well causing the mercenary Wolverine to move into the forest with it. The FWL forces hypothesized this Wolverine pilot was similar in aggressive tactics much like a previously encountered highly aggressive Maruader pilot. The FWL Wolverine moved away from Ostsol to support the Crusader. The Ostsol didn't move to take advantage of not being the center of attention.

The Trebuchet stood still in the river to provide fire support.

Combat saw the the notably aggressive mercenary Wolverine taking a large amount of damage. The arrival of the Thug meant the FWL had a large power piece on the field the mercenary force had little to counter.

Turn 06

Determined to counter the mercenary Wolverine's assault on the Crusader both FWL medium battlemechs moved to the Crusader's position in support. The presence of the FWL medium battlemechs moving to the Crusader caused the mercenary Wolverine to temporarily back off into cover and cool down.

The Thug moved further towards the objective acting like a fire magnet thereby gaining the attention of the rest of the mercenary forces.

Combat was slightly brutal to both the Ostsol and the Thug being the main battlemechs struggling for control of the objective. The Thug as powerful as it was simply walked into the objective area not fearing the surrounding three mercenary battlemechs.

This turn marked the end of the current game session due to time restraints. The game was frozen in place via picture.

Turn 07

The turn marked the start of the next game session. The game was started with the unit in the same condition and position as they were left in the previous picture. The Awesome miniature was replaced with a Thug miniature sporting the wrong paint scheme for the unit, lol.

The mercenary force needed to get away with some of the captured supplies from the downed supply ship. The infantry platoon's realizing APC 02's crew was dead, but the APC was not completely destroyed. Infantry Platoon 01 boarded APC 02 along with what supplies they could grab and speed away at full speed to the south.

The Thug was able to take control of the objective area causing the Ostsol to again back pedal to safety and cool down. The Thug continued past the objective and gave chase to APC 02 to try and stop its escape. The Quickdraw and Trebuchet both maneuvered to try and draw some of the potential deadly from the Thug chasing APC 02.

The Crusader now free stood still to provide fire support. The FWL medium battlemechs worked to force the remaining mercenary forces from the objective area.

The mercenary Wolverine jumped back into the action in of the sights of the Thug using the side of a large hill for cover.

Combat saw the FWL forces fail to stop APC 02 from escaping with Infantry Platoon 01 and their capture supplies from the downed supply ship.

Turn 08

The mercenary forces were forced to wait it out till APC could return to extract Infantry Platoon 02.

The Thug wanting to catch APC 02 on approach moved back towards the objective.The badly damaged Ostsol began its retreat to the south. The Ostsol's retreat gave way for the mercenary Wolverine to blindly move towards the Thug in response. The Quickdraw placed itself near the Crusader to attract its weapon sights away from the mercenary Wolverine. The FWL Wolverine having taken some serious heat in previous turns moved away from the battlefield to the edges of a forest for cover.

The Trebuchet backed into a forest for cover to provide fire support where needed. The Phoenix Hawk moved to keep the Trebuchet in check and prevent a flanking maneuver.

Combat was brutal seeing the Thug taking some serious damage from combined firepower from the mercenary forces. The mercenary Wolverine was exceptionally brutal towards the Thug causing severe internal damage. The Thug toppled to the ground due to overwhelming firepower presented to it. The Quickdraw also lost its footing standing near the Crusader.

Turn 09

The FWL knew two things must happen. First, APC 02 must be stopped. If the mercenaries got away with anymore supplies it would delay the FWL forces from leaving the planet on time. The FWL forces did not have the time to have to wait for another supply ship. Second, the mercenary Wolverine had to be put down some how. If this mercenary pilot was anything like the previous Marauder pilot then he will not except surrender or retreat till the infantry and supplies are extracted.

APC 02 returned moving at full speed towards the objective. Infantry Platoon 02 boarded APC 02 with what supplies they could grab. The Ostsol to badly damaged to stay in the fight left the battlefield. The badly damaged Thug moved by the the aggressive mercenary moved back close to the objective, but not far enough to avoid challenging the badly damaged mercenary Wolverine to pursue further engagement. The Phoenix Hawk continued its pursuit of the Trebuchet intent of blocking its escape. The mercenary Wolverine moved to show the Phoenix Hawk the same treatment it gave to the Thug. The Quickdraw stood up and didn't move hoping to gain the nearby attention of the Crusader and the FWL Wolverine.

Combat was productive for the FWL forces and brutal for the mercenaries. APC 02 was destroyed washing away any chance of moving the captured supplies and leaving Infantry Squad 02 stranded at the objective. The mercenary Wolverine as brutal as he had been previously was too hot to cause much damage saving the Phoenix Hawk further damage. The FWL forces causes huge amounts of damage to the mercenary Wolverine, but could not put it down. When the Phoenix Hawk chose to attack the mercenary Wolverine it erupted in a violent fireball explosion as the remaining SRM ammunition was detonated. The mercenary Wolverine had been put down.

Turn 10

With APC 02 destroyed and the mercenary Wolverine put down and APC 02, the rest of the mercenary forces began to retreat. The Quickdraw jumped away retreating to safety. Since the Trebuchet pilot was worth more to the FWL forces they chose to capture the Trebuchet instead of wasting time chasing the retreating Quickdraw. The Thud stood near the objective and stomped the ground over and over causing Infantry Platoon 02 to smoke their way out and to the woods. The FWL forces did not have the necessary resources to capture and hold over twenty infantry troopers so they let them scatter away without any captured supplies.

End Game

Carnage Report


Headless Help Mercenary forces

Mech lance

Head hit
Moderate damage to center torso
Heavy damage to left head
Heavy damage to left arm
LRM 15 ammunition reduced to two shots
Heat level 14
Battlemech captured!
Mechwarrior captured!

Moderate damage to center torso
Moderate damage to right leg
Heavy damage to all other locations except head
Critical damage to all heavy damaged locations
LAUAA damaged
LALAA damaged
Right arm destroyed
Heat sink damaged
Jump jet damaged
Right torso destroyed
SRM6 ammunition detonated
LLULA damaged
Heat sink damaged
Heat level 17
Battlemech destroyed!
Mechwarrior retreated.

Heavy damage to entire right side
Critical damage to right arm
Heat level 10
Battlemech retreated.

Moderate damage to both torsos
Moderate damage to head
Heavy damage to all other sections
Critical damage to both arms
Critical damage to both legs
Heat sink damaged
Heat level 12
Battlemech retreated.


APC 01
Front stabilizer damaged
Front armor destroyed
Critical Damage
Vehicle destroyed!

APC 02
Right side armor destroyed
Weapon malfunction
Engine hit
Driver hit
Crew stunned
Crew killed
Critical Damage
Vehicle destroyed!


Infantry Platoon 01
Reduced to 12 troopers
Infantry retreated.

Infantry Platoon 02
Reduced to 20 troopers
Infantry retreated.


The players have the record sheets, but as far as I saw their battlemechs including the NPC's battlemechs were pretty tore up in certain areas. All of them will have to face the possibility permanent damage and malfunctioning equipment. I think this gives the battlemechs character in the long run and as their battlemechs look more and more torn up so will the enemy forces.

FWL 9th Marik Malitia

Mech Lance

Phoenix Hawk
Moderate to heavy damage

Moderate to heavy damage

Moderate to heavy damage
Critical damage

Head hit ;)
Moderate to heavy damage
Critical damage
Double heat sink damaged
Double heat sink damaged
PPC damaged
SRM6 damaged
SRM6 damaged

Hell of a job for the repair technicians.


It was fun to use the Wolverine with the -6M variant. This battlemech does have issues versus long range targets, but it is dangerous nine hexes out and deadly at close range.

This is the second time I have used a Quickdraw and both times were in similar extraction scenarios. I feel this is what the battlemech is most useful for to me, but I could be wrong. It does not posses a great deal of armor protection so I believe keeping it moving or jumping is the best defense and offense as well. I would enjoy the thoughts of another who has experience with a Quickdraw by raw usage instead of filler material.

Using the Ostsol for the first time in the same lance as the Wolverine -6M was interesting. I kept the Ostsol moving as much as I could and kept a heat curve to maximize its damage potential. The fact it has no ammunition was great as it too quite a beating in many turns, but the armor can only hold so long. One of the legs was bound to be severed if it did not retreat.

My decision to use two APCs and infantry units was wise to help counter the player's predictable stop everything and destroy the vehicle action. The players will often sit there and take huge amounts of damage to destroy an objective unit and risk their own safety. At least it seems like this. This action gives trouble for me when creating scenarios. The player's didn't seem to expect infantry till they destroyed the first APC. Getting the second infantry unit to the objective gave the players two issues to solve, stop the infantry and stop the battlemechs. This in a way is a counter to their stop everything kill this action. I think it played out nicely and they worked together to solve both issues equally.

APCs cannot stand up against battlemechs especially with the side roll of eight being a potential critical hit. Using double APCs helps, but I wonder if I should have split the APCs further. I could have used four smaller APCs instead of two heavy APCs and I could have used four smaller infantry squads instead of two larger infantry platoons. Another thought was to maybe deploy moving slowly and keep them relatively hidden or even deploy them later in the game. I may need to change the enemies tactics depending upon commander and location.

Laser infantry pack quite a good punch up close. They did a large amount of damage to the Phoenix Hawk and some to the Thug as well. I thought about downgrading them when I saw their damage. There was a planned RPG battle following this battle in which surviving infantry would be used so I chose to leave them as laser infantry. The laser infantry would be great against the player's battlemechs in this game, but the laser infantry would not be good against the player's in the upcoming RPG battle.

Once the Crusader got into postilion out of the river it never moved against. I am still unsure if this is good or not. The game still felt like the NPC battlemechs where be used as shields for the player and would run back when needed. It could just be me. Every other battlemech was moving including the Trebuchet which was harassing the Crusader early on. The Thug pilot might not just do as commanded sometimes and RPG wise I'll let it slide if she is not inspired enough. The Crusader pilot has gained his own name from this battle, lol.

The mercenaries had a limited amount of time till the Thug was fully involved in the confrontation. I feel the mercenaries were doing good until about when the Thug arrived or at least until I had to pull the Wolverine back. Seeing the Wolverine push a Thug back was awesome and the Thug payed  serious toll for being in its danger range.

The mercenary Wolverine almost retreated off board, but a final critical roll detonated the ammo. It survived a good amount of potentially lethal critical rolls prior to the ammunition explosion.

This was a fun scenario and game to play. It is up to the players to determine what it was really all about and how it fits into the picture. Kind of like when you watch TV shows, some episodes are filler material. Was this game filler material or a connection to the story line?

I have some follow up material to post soon which links after this battle and explains how RPG melee and ranged combat was introduced. It was a roller coaster of learning to say the least. I hope you enjoyed the battle report and I should be able to bring you more as they play out. If you have read this battle report and other I have posted, how can I improve them for a better reading experience?

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