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Robotech RPG Tactics

UEDF Valkyrie Assembly Part 2

Sadly I couldn't find a decent Valkyrie picture. :(

I finished assembling my first squadron of UEDF Valkyries Veritechs bringing me to a total of four  assembled. These will be the start of my bulk UEDF miniatures to protect mankind and fight the onslaught of my mighty Zentreadi Armada miniatures which are massing at the same time. What follows is a explanation of how I went about assembling them to bring them to there current state. I will also discuss what is next up for the Valkyries as I am far from finished with them.

Sprue Review

What? Where is part one? Where is the sprue pictures and review? I apologize for skipping that portion and starting with assembled miniatures. If you have followed along with me in my journey to make something of my Robotech RPG Tactics investment I started with a general sprue picture and review of the basic rank and file Zentraedi Regult. I meant to follow the same path, however general boredom and motivation kills my ability to write these posts. However I feel a few souls out there do enjoy reading my posts hopefully finding them helpful so I will make that post soon. I will call it a prequel post.

Now I have stated I have finished assembling my first squadron of UEDF Valkyrie Veritech miniatures which is true. In actual numbers I have eighteen Valkyries miniatures to assemble in total. I just knocked off four out of eighteen miniatures to assemble leaving me fourteen miniatures to assemble. Rick Hunter is now ready to hit the table and tear some Zentraedi ass up!

Not so fast flyboy!

Wait there is more!

Valkyrie Veritechs have the active ability to change modes each turn so each mode must be represented on a game table for each Valkyrie Veritech. One squadron of contains four Valkyries consisting of one VF-1J officer and three VF-1A regulars.  These modes amount of two additional miniatures so each Valkyrie requires three miniatures so each squadron is requires twelve miniatures.

I have fourteen out of eighteen Valkyrie miniatures left to assemble. Knowing each Valkyrie requires three miniatures I actually have 42 our of 54 Valkyrie miniatures to assemble. With a piece count of you don't want to know.  CLASSIFIED OFFICIAL PREQUEL POST KNOWLEDGE.

Whatever ... Challenge accepted!

Now that I was into assembling I wanted to make sure I used a bit more dynamic poses and avoid the same static poses used over and over again. I was not interested in any cutting and reshaping at all. Granted there are not many options for poses due to the way the miniatures assembled so I decided to do some mixing and matching. Palladium Game's box set assembly instructions give the exact poses available based on how the miniatures assemble from the sprue.

Valkyrie Veritech fighter mode has no pose options except a small flying swoosh. Be honest the small flying swoosh is perfect enough to not be top heavy and emphasis the miniatures are flying. Valkyrie Veritech guardian mode has pose options only in the arms and they also have a small flying swoosh option. The small flying swoosh in this case is pure garbage. It is way to small and actually will complicate by being in the way painting when working with the miniatures further on. I have seen some use other options or even really unnecessarily tall options on both fighter and guardian mode. However, keep in mind - fighter mode fly,  guardian mode glide, You'll want to remember this as it is in the actual miniatures rules. Valkyrie Veritech battloid mode has more poses options in both arms and legs and also have a flying swoosh option. I decided against using the flying swoosh option not because it wasn't useful, but more how it attaches to the back of the miniature.

As I mentioned before I found ways to mix and match parts intended for battloid mode with guardian mode. In this method I found a way to mimic the pose of a Valkyrie in guardian mode to the same Valkyrie in battloid mode. This makes it far visually easier to identify which miniature is which when swapping them out during mode changes. This thought may not matter to most, but it does to me.

Show Me The Veritechs Already

Below are pictures of my first assembled squadron of UEDF Valkyrie Veritechs. They were primed with Army Painter White as of when I took the pictures which means these miniatures have moved on to painting. In all of the pictures the VF-1J is on the far left. I have not added any of the optional missile options.

Fighter Mode

Valkyrie Veritech in fighter mode offer no pose options at all, it is just a plain miniature of a Valkyrie Veritech in fighter mode. I am using the included flying swoosh and the miniatures look fine as they in there assumed flying position. Alternate flight stands could offer some additional possibility however adding additional costs to a game I barely play and may never see heavy play isn't worth it to me.

VF-1J Officer - Twin head laser, repeats with Guardian and Battloid mode
VF-1A Standard 1 - Single head laser, repeats with Guardian and Battloid mode
VF-1A Standard 2 - Single head laser, repeats with Guardian and Battloid mode
VF-1A Standard 3 - Single head laser, repeats with Guardian and Battloid mode

Guardian Mode

VHS Cover

Valkyrie Veritechs in guardian mode have a bit of pose in the arms only as the legs are in fixed positions. I got a bit lazy and took a picture with both guardian and battloid mode in the same picture. It does help show how I tried to keep arm poses between modes.

VHS Back Cover

VF-1J Officer - Left arm with closed fist. (Need to exchange for Left arm held out with closed fist finger pointing). Right arm holding gunpod level with waist.
VF-1A Standard 1 - Left arm bracing gunpod. Right arm holding gun pod ready to fire.
VF-1A Standard 2 - Left arm relaxed with closed fist. Right arm holding gunpod level with waist.
VF-1A Standard 3 - Left arm relaxed with closed fist. Right arm holding gunpod level with waist.

Battloid Mode

DVD Cover

These are the same photos as before just fore reference as you have the Battloid mode in mind.

DVD Back Cover

Valkyrie Veritechs in battloid mode have more pose options in the arms and limited pose options in the legs. Standing legs are in fixed positions, but the bent leg can be rotated for some difference. The bent leg always has to be at an even angle as the upper torso will be in the way preventing even the slightest noticeable difference. This is a flaw I found with Zentraedi Regult Battlepods when gluing legs to the lower torso.

VF-1J Officer - Left arm held out with closed fist finger pointing. Right arm holding gunpod upright braced against shoulder.
VF-1A Standard 1 - Left arm bracing gunpod. Right arm holding gun pod ready to fire.
VF-1A Standard 2 - Left arm relaxed with closed fist. Right arm holding gunpod upright braced on shoulder.
VF-1A Standard 3 - Left arm relaxed with closed fist. Right arm with gunpod stowed rearward under arm.

Family Portrait

Blu-Ray Cover

Blu-Ray Back Cover


This squadron of Valkyrie Veritech miniatures have been assembled for quite some time now. I have been slow in my progress posts. They were not to difficult to assemble. Despite the large amount of time and piece count, it was some of the arm posing which made the process difficult.  Most notably was the double gunpod hold pose.

Moving on from this squadron I have a second squadron of Valkyrie Veritechs assembled. I have more in various stages of assembly and I am wondering what types (VF-1A, J, D, R S) and how many of each types I want to assemble. This will be cover in another post.

Check back for hopefully additional progress of my UEDF and my Zentraedi miniature work. Hopefully I'll have a battle report to post at some point as well.

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