Monday, May 7, 2012

WIP of Tyranid Tyrant Guard

Recently I have been painting some Tyrant Guard models for my Tyranid Army. Here is a WIP shot of the models so far. I started them last week and did a bit more this weekend and if all goes well I should be finished with them this week.

Originally I glued the model's arms on, but I had to remove them because they really impede my painting a lot more than I thought. The models will actually be removed from their current bases and will be placed upon new bases I ordered from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I spent some time this weekend filing down excess resin off the bases and giving them a good wash afterwards.

I use a fairly simple paint scheme as you can see. The paint scheme starts with a white spray prime and then a layer and wash for the armor and then a layer and wash for the flesh. The inner arm flesh I am using a bit more complex paint scheme and I feel it looks very good. The tongue I use a more complex paint recipe as well, but I am thinking about changing it slightly. The claws and hooves I am not liking at all. I am wondering if I could use a darker color instead of a lighter color.

This set of arms I have applied  wash on the main talon. I still do not like the color I am using for the claws and talons at all.

This set of arms including the tyrant guard on the left in the first picture show signs of heat damage. I think foundation paints and washes gradually break down and sludge sort of a bit in a model. I am in the process of fixing the model. Lesson learned.

Any help on the main colors and mostly the claws/talons would be appreciated.

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  1. Quick, get the bug spray!

    I'd love to help on the colors, but whenever anyone asks me for a paint choice on anything, 'fuchsia' is my default response.

    Odds are, that that won't help you here...