Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Close out July, begin August with a challenge.

The other day I had an idea for a challenge to get myself painting again. I was thinking about infantry and a lot of infantry and could I paint four Tyranid infantry figures a day. The challenge is to paint a little bit everyday or four figures a day, but I am not sure if four figures a day can be reached considering Tyranids are so tough to paint with all the curves

Four termagaunts would be 1/2 a brood, eight would be a full brood, and twelve to sixteen would be along the lines of of a brood size I normally field. Twenty termagaunts would be awesome, but it is really too high of a number. Termagaunts are the best troop choice to paint since I use them so much and I tend to run out of them a lot. I can switch to genestealers or hormagaunts or even gargoyles if needed. I can work in the larger models in between or on the weekends.

For real numbers I have about 32 termagunats assembled and maybe enough models to create another eight models. With five weeks in August I think eight figures a week is more than enough and a good challenge to make a goal towards. This would end with all my termagaunts painted and based.

With this is mind and needing a break from Fallout New Vegas I got out my paint supplies and Tyranids and started painting some termagaunts. I got a late start so I only got about 30% of each figure done. Either Tyranids take longer to paint or I am slow at painting so making a goal of eight figures a week is easier. I plan to make five posts during August for the weekly figure count and any extra WIP posts. Of course I will be posting my latest Battletech Report as well and hopefully another if Da Masta Cheef has time.

So please keep up with me and encourage me and throw things at me when I slack off.

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  1. Yeah 8 is a bit more realistic, though even that number may be pushing it...