Monday, July 16, 2012

No 40K to MTG to Fallout addict to Battletech recovery.

Since my last post I have not done too much at all, but I have been keeping busy.

The move from NC to TN went very well and I am glad to not have to wake before 6 or 7 AM and drive 1.5 hours to 45 mins to work. The wake and drive time depended upon where I as during the week. Mondays, I would  leave NC and return, Tuesdays I would leave NC and stay in TN in a rented room all the way through Friday when I would return to NC. It sucked, but a laptop, internet, and games with Corey worked well.

July 7, I attended a local Magic The Gathering  2013 core set prerelease and did surprisingly well. There were only 6 players, but I took them all down and grabbed 1st place and got myself five free booster packs. Sad thing is I didn't score any mythic or good rares. I built a black/green speed deck which turned out better than I thought it would as I saw cards combo off one another turn after turn. I'm glad I went with my gut feeling and dropped white for green because of the deck's aggressiveness. I actually splashed a bit of red in for direct damage. I ended up discarding one of the re cards one game and side-boarding another later.

I haven't done anything related to 40K yet as I still need to setup all my hobby area. Be honest the $75 rulebook price tag has me stuck as I see no point in playing 5th edition rules now.

I have completely lost myself in Fallout New Vegas for the XBOX 360. I think I am approaching 100 hours of game time now and I wouldn't have it an other way. I explore, I hoard, I loot, and their is so much more to do.

Some interesting points to note.

  • I maintain very good karma
  • I am only vilified by the Powder Gangers and even Caeser's Legion is neutral
  • Of all the companions I like EDE and Veronica. EDE is awesome with an upgraded laser and Veronica punches anything to death rather quickly. Two pack mules FTW!
  • I hate raiders, cannibals, feral ghouls, and fiends and usually kill them on the spot.
  • I collect and do not sell any pencils and single cigarettes I find.
  • I buy good armor and weapons from vendors and very rarely sell them something of the like. I ten to sell the cigarette cartons and packs, cameras, empty soda bottles. I love their last line "Thanks".
  • I have good armor to use and don't use it for fear of breaking and not being able to find raw materials to repair it with. On the flip side I use a lesser quality armor which breaks often, but is cheaper to repair, but use a lesser armor. This might change next play time.
  • I am probably a cheap skate in the game somewhat.
  • If I didn't have a house in game with multiple storage containers to sort all my crap I would be screwed.
  • I love backing out of an NPC conversation, donning the Naughty Nightwear (looks like leopard print pimp suit) which greatly enhances speech checks and make the NPC do as I please.
  • Actually I carry a variable wardrobe for multiple enhancement purposes.
  • My fiance plays Fallout and laughs at me because I hoard so much and it take me forever to clear a building.

If all goes well I'll have a game of Battletech this week so hopefully I will have some fine reading material for you to enjoy soon.

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  1. Hell, if I had known, I would offer to play you sometime, but I never met you.