Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Challenge Update

At the beginning of August I started a challenge with a goal of eight troops per week. I was not able to make my quota so i lowered to quota to something more manageable. With this being said I have painted four troops except the bases, which should be finished as soon as I can get some new static grass and flocking material. I only have boring old green flock and to say the least it is boring to use again.

I am pleased to say I am painting about four troops per two weeks while working on other projects. My other projects are assembling Battletech mechs which take a lot of filing and pinning work. Some things I have changed with this batch.

Lower claws and hooves are now light grey instead of bone. I am not good at bone right now so it helps move me along, plus it doesn't cause attention to those areas at all. I want to go with a swampy, low lying wooded areas base theme so I changed the base color to a green. I also added Citadel texture paint to one gaunt base, but I decided to paint the green first then apply the texture after along with a secondary dry brush for color variation. I thought about changing the teeth color to a paler white, but I am afraid it would stall progress.

Here is one gaunt.

Here is another gaunt with a bit of the basing experimentation. The white are rocks molded on the miniature which have not been painted. I think I will  paint them brown or a dark mossy green such as a rock covered in lichen.

I should only need to finish the bases, apply a coat of sepia to the yellow armor, and perform minor cleanup details where paint has come off. I have been disciplining myself to hold the miniature by the base as much as possible now. I actually paint the tail last now so I can hold that area for a bit longer. It seems to have helped with this batch of gaunts.

Here is my next batch I have started.

I will follow the painting process I started with the first batch in hopes to develop an effective method for painting troops or all Tyranids essentially.

So my overall goal will be eight troops done by the end of August which is a standard brood size and fine with me.

On a side note I have been trying to remove the arms from a bunch of assembled spine guants. The process despite using uncuring solution is becoming fruitless. I have managed to remove one arm completely and break two arms leaving the shoulder joint. I am wondering if removing the arms by cutting out the shoulder joint is worth it. If I don't make a clean cut and smooth surface for the new arm it won't look right at all.

Till next time.

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