Thursday, August 16, 2012

Magnetizing a Carnifex

I decided to take a break of painting gaunts and revisit one of my Carnifex models which I never use as intended for and usually serve as proxies for a Tervigon. Both are modeled with a Venom Cannon and Strnglethorn Cannon which are of the template variety and are usually seldom spot on or dependable. Now there is an actual Tervigon model available and the release of 6th edition I can model the Carnifex to hopefully suit a better role. There is rumor the Carnifex could be useful, but I have not been able to determine this yet.

The red is where I placed the magnets which were a ton of work as I had to remove the previous cannon weapon arm sets. I only uncured one set of arms successfully causing a lot of drilling to remove all of the excess plastic in order to create a socket for additional arms. This feat is much easier to accomplish prior to assembling the upper torso. 

For the meantime I magnetized this Carnifex model to accomadate dual devourers and retain the ability to swap everything for Scything Talons or even some type of cannon. I pinned the head to make painting it easier or maybe even swap it, but I like the multiple eyed head with antenna a lot better.

I am still not sold on my work. I like things even such as both front devourers pointing in the same direction and both being perpendicular to the ground at eye level. I know some variation will come from the arms are bent differently.

Still my ultimate idea is to sell my ugly smiley faced third edition Carnifex and depending upon usefulness, keep or sell my other Carnifex. Hopefully this Carnifex you see in this post will get to see some action soon.

Till next time.

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