Wednesday, September 5, 2012

News, new stuff, and the arrival of 6th edition.

My August challenge kind of flopped, but all was not lost.

I painted and flocked four termagaunts
I  purchased some new  Battletech miniatures
I assembled some Battletech Hawk Moth miniatures
I got married  :)

Last Wednesday, Masta Cheef and I had quite a game of battletech. Lots of damage, destruction, and death so I hope to have the battle report up for your reading pleasure in a few days.

I must say I invited my friend Masta Cheef to attend and he not only attended, he arrived first and helped me deal with the long wait till everything started. A darn good friend indeed.

Tuesday my new wife wanted to get some goodies for ourselves so she went after some Legos and took me to my local game store to get me some stuff. First I thought Battletech miniatures, but I didn't see anything out of the ordinary jumping for me, then I though a new mapset and rulebook might be better. However, I thought to combine Battletech and 40K and get a mapset and a Hive Tyrant or Tervigon, but I remembered 6th edition and then thought of the new rulebook. Then it popped and remembered Masta Cheefs long cries of a smaller more portable rulebook and I began to search for it and the store had a copy. The store had one copy of Dark Vengeance available and I grabbed and proceeded to checkout like a boss.

On the way to the car my wife told me you should go play a game with Masta Cheef and I was like yeah, no I was like %$#& yeah! I was so yeah I sent him a picture of my new prize.

Then I patiently waited for the reply text.

To my complete suprise and I quote Masta Cheef countered in the most awesomeness of ways.

"Oh yeah? Well take that!"

I loled, my wife loled, and I think Masta Cheefe was a loling right along as well. It was just awesome, you can't say something like this can't make a day turn awesome.

I wondered when he got his, because he must have been at work when I sent him my photo as I was off work that day. Still some plans may be in motion to play our first game of 6th edition next week.

For Dark Vengeance I like it. I think the Dark Angels can easily be used as small allied groups with my Blood Angels and the Chaos army is a nice small start to try Chaos. I kind of wanted to start Chaos and to some interesting ideas, my wife liked the Necrons. She told me I don't even have a painted army, but I told her most don't, lol, thats it I've gone to the dark side of the unpainted force. I got more small useless dice, another scatter die and some much needed templates. 

Well I leave you all till next time.

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  1. lol, yeah I was laughing as well. I bought it maybe 45 mins before & had just gotten home (I had taken the day off as well). Iwas in the process of unloading the car when you sent me that pic, so I just opened the passenger door to snap a pic in reply.

    Had fun at the wedding, just wish I would have been able to stay a bit longer at the reception, things looked like they were starting to really get going when I was leaving.