Monday, September 24, 2012

Magnetized Death Company Squad

A box of Blood Angels Death Company, some creativity, a spot of patience, and a lot of magnets

A long time ago in another city far away I purchased a box of Blood Angels Death Company marines. Upon examining the various sprues I set a goal to magnetize the entire squad.  I wanted to have a squad of Death Company with the ability to field different war gear options making the entire squad as versatile as possible. The boxed set is really good for war gear options, I wanted them all. The only detail I dislike somewhat is all of the small thin hanging features. They are quite brittle and may snap causing profanity.

Here is what I was able to do achieve with 5 Death Company marines and a horde of 47 1/8 magnets.

Foot infantry with CCWs

Foot infantry with bolters

Jump infantry with CCWs or Bolters

Swap CCW for PW

Swap CCW for PF

I did not take WIP pictures, but the overall affect of the magnets shows how much more valuable a squad can become. However magnetizing does have its down sides as some parts tend to sway despite using a high magnet rating. Mostly the back packs and jump packs do this, but its worth it.

The magnets I used were 1/8 in size which I got through kjmagnetics along with some extra drill bits as well as a 1/8 dremel drill bit. The dremel drill bit is essential is it helps to hollow out the drill hole and make a nice snug fit for a magnet. The back pack and CCW arms were very easy to drill. The bolter arms were slightly tougher as I had to get the drill hole as high as I could in the shoulder to make sure the arms connect. The jump packs required no drilling as I just glued a magnet in the lowest portion of the already present hole.

I still need to add their heads and their shoulder pads. I delayed gluing the heads thinking I would not be able to paint the necks coils. However, Death Company armor is pure black so I doubt I will need to paint them. Masta Cheef is well aware and the first to contemplate why squads in my army are constantly missing their heads and still able beat the stuffing out of his various minions. I think I will go ahead this time and glue them in place, less lose them in the case of the my No-Dachi battlemech. Sorry Mr. Hunchback. ;)

The Shoulder pads are kind of tricky as a lot of the ornamental shoulder pads are to bulky for various positions so I have to plan them accordingly to arm position. The boxed set came with twenty different shoulder pads so I actually have enough shoulder pads for all the CCWs arms and bolter arms minus the PW and PF arms. I can leave a shoulder pad off one right arm held chainsword to compensate or find some for sale no one is using.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have just glued the PF on instead of magnetizing it. In 5th edition you had to carry a PF in case the Death Company engage something they can not fight off. In 6th edition the Death Company has the choice of what to do so the PF may not  be as necessary compared to a PW.

Once all of the above is done I can consider them assembled and ready for priming with black spray paint. Painting them may be slow as I need to do some research for paint recipes for their various gear and ornamental parts. I want to get all my Blood Angels models to a point of primed at least. Assembling the Death Company is certainly a good leap towards this goal.

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  1. Damn it! How'd you know I would comment on them being headless!

    -and there was much profanity-