Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blood Angels 6th Edition Battle Update

Wednesday evening I played my first game of 6th edition against Masta Cheef's Speed Freaks Ork army sporting a lovely choo choo train looking center piece. We kept the game simple by avoiding psykers and using 1,000 point army.

At 1,000 points a my army list was as follows.

Headquarters (Warlord)
Recluse with JP

Command Trait - Coordinated Assault

Furioso Dreadnought with Blood Talons

Assault Squad with 2 x Melta gun and PW - (All headless as always, lol)
Tactical Squad with Plasma gun and Lascannon

Fast Attack
Bal Predator with HB sponsors
Land Speeder with 2 x HB

Heavy Support
Predator Destructor with HB sponsors

I went with a variable selection of units to try and see how everything would play out in the new rule set.

The Reclusiarc, although expensive, his extra +2 strength in combat was nice.

The dreadnought I counted as an anti-tank asset, despite having claws versus fists. The dreadnought never got to infantry combat, but got a lucky shot and blew up the grot choo choo. The dreadnought also took down a  killer can before be destroyed by one.

The assault squad was fine. I kept them away from taking out the killer cans for fear of being assaulted and killed off. Be honest I am not sure of the Reclusiarc' +2 strength could win the day. The assault squad was lacking the power first. Normally I add a sanguinary priest to the squad so it was good to see how they would fare.
The tactical squad was fine and this time I gave them no rhino and no special weapon to save some points. The lascannon and plasma rifle was a good change. Funny thing is the time both the lascannon and plasma got to fire in the same turn was when the squad was on the move towards the objective. The lascannon killed an ork out of snap fire and the plasma over heated killing the marine.

The Bal predator was a pure assault tank. I seized the initiative and forgot to scout move it closer.
The land speeder with two bolter is a great harassment unit and I really like taking them. Plus the move 12, fire two weapons and still receive a 5+ save is really good.

The Predator Destructor was a good all around tank. I wanted to take the Annihilator or maybe the lascannon side sponsors, but the cost was it bit hard to get in.

The game went well and it was good to finally try out the 6th edition rules. I rarely get to fight Masta Cheef's orks and I understand his reasons. I put so much fear into thinking I was going to get pulverized, but I really have no idea why. He almost won by having his killer kans sit on the objective while the warboss trotted along to retrieve it. Once I destroyed the rest of the killer kans it took almost two turns of a stupid amount of shooting to kill the warboss, his right hand ork, and a few of his boyz.

The game was really like a game of two yodas.

From the start of the game I had an overwhelming fear of being shot to pieces and assaulted to death by mobs of truck fast orks. Masta Cheef could smell the fear and was constantly asking why.

Yoda of the Orks

While Masta Cheef use this against me in the future?

Turn after turn of the game, the fear of being shot at and being assaulted turned the other way around. My Blood Angels destroyed every vehicle and killed every ork. Around the second turn I was wondering about my opponents ork's demise.

Yoda of the Blood Angels

I did lose a handful of assault marines, the dreadnaught, and I immobilized my predator. (Go Me!) He also managed to assault my assault squad first again.

Masta Cheef did have some nice comments for a power sword held by the tactical squad sergeant I painted long ago. I know I am a good painter, but a slow painter and I often am distracted and flat out quit I suppose. I need to get going with it already. The sergeant belongs to an all beak helmet tactical squad. The sergeant has both frag and crack grenades and has his beak helmet attached to his waste. The segeant also follows the squad with an ammo pouch on the right shoulder pad and an ammo pouch on the back pack. Lets not forget all members of the squad have a pointy stick attached to their weapon.

Tactical squad sergeant with power sword.

My next post will describe my current road block with painting my blood angels and provide a way to unblock the road to painting.


The whole idea of "much profanity" is a rolling joke between Masta Cheef and I and our gaming and it should not be taken seriously at all.

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