Monday, January 28, 2013

Land Raider WIP Part 4

Land Raider WIP Part 4

About a week ago I sent a picture to Masta Cheef to give him some insight on to what I was up to. This confirmed I had finally moved past the priming stage and to the inking stage of the Land Raider. Be honest, I have not down much else past inking the Land Raider, but this week I would like to actually work on it.

More ink for the ink god!

I had finally settled on an ink mixture and to my suspicions was just a 1/1/1 mixture of the three ingredients. The pool of liquid in the lower right of the mixing tray is what the final product looks like. I used 1 part (10 drops) distilled water, 1 part (10 drops) of Liquitex Naphthol Crimsom (Red) ink, and 1 part (10 drops) of Liquitex Transparent Burnt Sienna (brown) ink. When mixed together it looks like blood and when smeared across the paint palette which is actually a piece of tile it looks like blood.

Here are some shot showing how it came out and how it looks compared to my older Land Raider which still needs to be finished. The pictures are crude as I have not replaced my picture light.

The side sponsor tops mounts are not glued on neither are the top cupolas or the side doors. The Assault Cannon mount has tape placed on the underside to prevent red spray from getting inside. The cupola with the Multi-Melta did not get primed as I ran out of spray paint I think. Plus the tracks are sprayed black separately and then applied later on after the hull is good to go.

The pictures already ...

My only complaint would be the overall color is brighter than the other Land Raider which is darker. I am not sure what I did using the older GW inks besides taking large amounts and mixing it on a palette and then applying the ink to the model. The ink mixture of the past was by sight and I may have mixed a bit of black in it. I have pondered doing another ink layer, but I am unsure how an ink layer will sit on a previous ink layer. There is an option to increase the brown ink by about five drops. Another option is to use a brown ink wash. Either way I have to use the initial 1/1/1 base ink layer on all future models to maintain consistency.

When this Land Raider is finished it won't be the only model with a possible slight difference in color. The Baal Predator will follow along with a squad of assault marines and eventually a tactical squad and a Stormraven one day. One thing I noticed is one of my Tactical Squads closely matches the brightness of the new Land Raider. Plus I wouldn't mind redoing my Rhinos to match as their ink job doesn't match the rest of the army anyway.

I have asked my wife countless times what she thinks and she says it looks good and to start painting it. I think Masta Cheef will say the same and throw the initial Ork wrench in my direction to knock it off with the procrastinating already. Perhaps I am waiting for said wrench.

Painting is easy, it is a lot of black paint and metallic paints.


  1. I'll be more than happy to hit you upside the head a few times with a wrench if ya want!


  2. I would say the land raider on the left would go faster, but without tracks, it will go no where. Like how your guys without heads shouldn't have Line of Sight

    1. cause it is all red and stuff.

    2. That was actually quite funny Edwin! They kicked my (and your) ass with no heads, are you sure you want them with them attached? :)

  3. No, I don't want them to be attached, as then I'll have to come up with something else to make fun of them...

  4. The headless aspect of my army is becoming legendary.

    @ Edwin - During our game my librarian got the any unit within a proximity could use his leadership warlord trait and he was joined to the Assault squad. In theory the Assault squad was having the librarian's act as their eyes and ears. This would explain their LOS, but not for the Devastator squad with sergeant sir pointy pointing to nowhere useful.

    Concerning the Land Raider's track, tracks don't matter as the Baal predator currently doesn't have any tracks on it and it is a fast vehicle.

    Also Masta Cheef is not only subjected to headless marines, but occasional battlemechs without heads or arms.