Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Land Raider WIP Part 5

Land Raider WIP Part 5

Finally I can post pictures of paint on my Land Raider Crusader. To be honest I am a slow painter right now, but I am enjoying the painting aspect of this vehicle a lot and am looking forward to its completion. I should have maybe one more WIP post of painting and then a final post. I would like to finish this vehicle perhaps this coming weekend if I can.

I have applied black paint to all of the areas I am sure will need it. Speaking of black paint I am using a bottle of Valejo Game Color. I do waste some, but I like the dropper compared to the GW pot just so I can get amounts of various quantities for one color. Plus black is really universal. The same goes for white which I would like to acquire another a new bottle of.

I am probably going to paint the front hull Aquila gold instead of white like I first thought. The skulls and all of the skulls on the model are all at the same stage of a delvan mud wash. I tried something new by painting certain antenna and vents spots all black instead of picking out individual pieces. I believe this idea is proving well. The rear vent area I was pondering an idea of painting the entire vent area, but just went with the individual vents instead. Some of the bolt gun metal portions have a badab black wash.

The frag launchers look good. They will look even better once the skulls are done. I thought of using a carefully applied badab black wash down the sides. This should help define the frag launchers more and bring them out, but not away from the red of the vehicle. There is always the option to just paint the frag launchers metal as well, but I was not sold on the idea.

I am very pleased on how the skull and wings on the side door are turning out. The white was built up from a few layers of lighter grey and a badab black wash. The white has been painstakingly applied brush by brush on each wing to not disturb the previous wash. From a lower angle it appears slightly messy, but from the view of where it will naturally rest on the vehicle it looks superior. The other side door is progressing nice as well, however I am wondering about the handle hold at the bottom.

I am most proud of myself for the work so far on the side sponsor shields. The gold trim idea worked out great and the wings using the same method as the side door look great. I am finding I am able to fix minor mistakes very easily. I have a bottle of Army Painter Pure Read which is a match to the spray paint. With this and a thin layer of ink mix I should be able to correct mistakes and apply touch up work.

The weapon parts are being slowly worked on at this point. I believe I have a good idea on what to paint on the assault cannons and maybe even brightening the barrels with silver perhaps. One of the assault cannons lower and upper barrels are a horrible example of a bad mold. The gun barrels are flat and thinner than the other barrels. I first thought they were part of the housing.

The hurrican bolters I am not sure yet on what parts to paint. I have drilled the barrels quite nicely to help bring out the metal painting on them. I will keep the housing assembly black, but what to paint on the weapons themselves, the ammo feeds, and the ammo hoppers is still a mystery.

I am still waiting on the Multi-Melta cupola which needs to be primed. Due to dull and mismatch in overall color I had to strip the assault cannon shield and the upper sponsor assemblies. All of these parts should paint up easily and fast. Once all are primed, they will be inked and pushed to painting after a days drying. The tracks are in the same boat waiting prime time as well. Tracks are easy though.

I will hold off attaching the side sponsors until I no longer need to continuously lift the model for painting purposes. The tracks is undecided, but perhaps yes for the upper portions so i can attach the frag launchers. The assault cannons can be assembled easily once they are ready.

I'll work on better pictures for next time. I am using a daylight bulb against a shiny surface which does not help all too well.

Please let me know what you think so far. I leave here for now and work to get another update before the weekend.


  1. Looks good! When you're done lemme know & I'll let ya paint mine.


  2. Thanks.

    I might take you up on the offer in time. Maybe I will trade for you to pain the heads for my assault squads.