Monday, February 18, 2013

Blood Angels Battle Report


In regards to the my local game group.

DEFCON: COREY status has now been lowered to THREATCON: COREY status.

Assassins were sent, missiles were fired, and even the local game space had to be moved to a new location.

The new location is much better and it appears the attached shop has some love coming for our local game group in the form of useful terrain. If this reveals to be true I think it is really cool and they will get continued support from me in the form of my money.

Battle Report

I did get to play a game last Saturday and I thought I might have been able to encounter Rogue Trader's mysterious Dark Eldar representing the Cabal of the Black Primer. Instead I encountered Eldar representing the Craftworld of the White Primer with attached * Flare Boys squads with "Heeey!" shields.

* Flare Boys = Harlequins
* "Hey!" = Advanced

Army Lists

Blood Angel army list

Librarian w/ JP w/ Psychic Powers - Biomancy x 2
(Joined to Assault squad)

Sanguinary Priest w/ JP
(Joined to Assault squad)

Assault Squad w/ 2x Melta guns, PW
Tactical Squad w/ Lascannon, Plasma Rifle, PW
Death Company x5 w/ PW
Dedicated Transport - Land Raider w/ Multi-Melta

Fast Attack
Baal Predator w/ HB Sponsors, Dozer blades
Landspeeder Squadron x2 w/ x2 Tornado pattern HB
Landspeeder Typhoon

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad w/ x4 ML

Two ideas which continue to cross my mind are

Only two scoring units and one of the scoring units is the most aggressive units.
If the Land Raider is switched to a Land Raider Crusader, how much will change.

Eldar army list

What follows are the units I can remember.

Farseer (Warlord)
Warlock (I think)
Striking Scorpions
Harlequins x 2 (Flare Boys w/ "Heeey" shields)
Guardians ???
Guardians with a gun platform of the utmost uselessness
Rangers x 2 Snipers
War Walkers

The game was kind of one sided due to the Eldar's codex and lack of anti-vehicle support. The eldar in this fight could hold their own to an extent in close combat, but against vehicles, they were hopeless to stop them. I have no idea what Rogue Trader's Eldar unit inventory consists of nor do I understand the problems plaguing the Eldar. The Eldar army was almost entirely made of infantry units except a small squadron of war walkers. No Tanks, Vyphers, or Jet Bikes suprised me since his Dark Eldar army is full of them.

Deployment, lol.

In accident I nuked the deployment picture.

Speaking of deployment, last game Kushial's Marine army was crowned "Bucket of Marines".This game Masta Cheef brought a huge Gretchin based army and deployed it with a different perspective using his new "Box of Gretchin" deployment style. Go here if you would like to see an army of Gretchin woop a marine army good and best of all they brought the Space Choo Choo!

Gretchin deploy using the experimental "Box of Gretchin" deployment method.
Now on to the hopeless engagement of a Blood Angel headless beat down of Eldar. The game had six objective of various point values to capture.

Blood Angels Warlord trait was WIN.
Eldar Warlord trait was FAIL. A re-roll of -1 was awarded. The Warlord trait re-roll was another Fail.

Blood Angels win the first turn.

Turn 1

Blood Angel

All units advanced except the Devastator and Tactical squads. The Baal Predator advanced around the front of the far right Harlequin squad. The Land Raider advanced to the Striking Scorpions and opened the assault ramps to let the Death Company inside have some fun. The Assault squad advanced to the other side of the Striking Scorpions position in support. The Landspeeder squadron advanced from behind a building to an open fire lane to the guardian squad next to the Avatar. The Typhoon advanced from behind a building to an open fire lane to the center Harlequin squad.

The Baal combined with the Tactical squad and the Devastators could not harm the Harlequins. The Typhoon proved no use either. 

Stupid amount of fire power = Stupid cover save power

The Assault squad soften up the rear of the Striking Scorpions for the Death Company upcoming assault. The Landspeeders chewed up the Eldar near the Avatar while the Land Raider managed to kill a single ranger above them.

The Death Company after making a risky assault move assaulted and completely annihilated the Striking Scorpions.

"A warrior doesn't need a head, just a good strong body."  -  Megatron


In response to the Blood Angel's first turn the Eldar were like LOL, while the Harleguins were like "Heeey". The rest of the Eldar which had range to the Death Company shot the Death Company to bits leaving only the lone Death Company with a power weapon alive. The middle rangers moved closer to the Devastator squad and the War Walkers ran behind buildings.

The Blood Angel's Tactical squad claimed a mysterious objective and received a grav field severely limiting enemy assault distance to their position.

The Eldar claimed a mysterious objective and received a skyfire bonus. FAIL
The Eldar claimed another mysterious objective and received another skyfire bonus. Another FAIL

End of Turn 1

Turn 2

Blood Angels

The Assault Squad and all of the Land Speeders advanced slightly while the Baal Predator back peddle slightly in case the Harlequins move with intentions of assault. The lone Death Company marine advanced towards the Eldar with courage.

The Landspeeders chewed up the remaining Eldar near the Avatar while the Land Raider made the rangers above them go to ground. The Devastators killed a single ranger in the center.


The Avatar was like you don't scare me bro and walked past the lone Death Company marine and hid behind a building near the advancing Assault squad. Both Harlequin squads advanced along with the War Walkers running behind a building again. 

The center Rangers fired at the Devastator squad with much hate for Sergeant Sir point to nothing useful, killed Sergeant Sir point to nothing useful and a missile launcher marine.

End of Turn 2

Turn 3

Blood Angels

The lone Death Company marine advanced to the Rangers on the left. The Assault squad advanced to the Harlequin squad in the center. The landspeeders advanced next to the Land Raider and the Typhoon advanced slightly as well.

The Land Raider shot the Avatar a bit with little success. The Landspeeders outright murdered the lone Warlock below the rangers.

The Tactical Squad killed a single Harlequin. The happy Harlequins responded with "Heeey". The Baal Predator killed the rest of the Harlequins. The happy Harlequins responded with "Heeeeeey". The Typhoon was left without a target. :(

The Lone Death Company marine assaulted the rangers on the left and wiped them out. The Assault squad assault the harlequins in the center and wiped them out losing only a single assault marine to the Eldar initiative.


The Eldar might have got some firing in, but I believe at this point the game was hopeless for the Eldar. The Eldars's closely guarded Keeblar recipes were now in the hands of the Blood Angels's.

End of Turn 3

End Game

Rogue Trader folded and I can't blame him for doing so. Rogue Trader mentioned the Death Company who have no heads must kill to get heads. The taken heads from kill provide vital knowledge through their possession. Chaos winds indeed.

Death Company enemy head count total.

Striking Scorpions - 7
Rangers - 4

Despite the endless flaming against one's own army codex the game was fun and it was nice to try out the new camera on my new iPhone which is superb to my much older Droid 1.


  1. It was da' grot's first attempt at deep striking, so what d'ya expect?

    I think his craftworld Eldar is a fluffdar list like my Exodites. The main problem with tanks is that eldar anti-tank options are brutally overpriced when compared to any of the Marine dexes. A marine with a lascanon hits on a 3+ and costs about 30 pts total, whereas a brightlance, fired by a BS3 guardian costs 35 points WITHOUT the guardian! Eldar pay thru the nose for anti-tank weapons, which is why you see so few of them in our armies.

    I've recently started to up-gun mine in hopes of a huge point reduction in the forthcoming codex, otherwise AV13 & 14 is rendering the army almost obsolete as it can't be effectively dealt with for the reasonable cost that it is with other, newer armies.

  2. Dark Eldar have very little problems with armor. They have no real armor, and believe neither should anyone else... and they'll be more than happy to junk it for ya.

    I couldn't even read this because as badly as I want to play Eldar the combination of the codex and what little troops I have are the most serious recipe for fail. The Dark Kin will rematch next time we come up to play. Maybe they can redeem their race. :)

  3. Just think Hive Angel. Your marines could go "Heeeeey" too if they only had heads with mouths from which to speak. LOL

  4. And not sure if you follow this one blog, but here's another who's painting a Blood Angel landraider. Thought you might be interested.

  5. RTvoril-Dark Reapers. They rock. Oh, and *use* the Avatar. It sounds like he was skipping around out there... Banshees ought to murder most of his close combat stuff too.

    Hiveangel- the iphone pics ARE a vast improvement!

  6. I know the battle wasn't all too much fun for Rogue Trader so I made this battle report with as much lulz as possible.

    I do follow dodge's work, but he is speed painter compared to me.

  7. You've been working on that Landraider for what 2 years now? Michelangelo is a speed painter compared to you. LOL

  8. Honestly I gives a dump about speed. I am finding a wind and using it I suppose. Mostly it is taking a lot of time to relearn tricks and recipes, but it serves me well.

  9. Kushial, not everyone is a painting machine like you are!

  10. LOL, only reason my stuff gets painted is because I make myself paint a block of stuff at a time. I REALLY don't enjoy painting at all. I love the assembling and converting a lot though which unfortunately means I have to force myself to paint yet more stuff.