Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Land Raider WIP Part 6

Working, working, working on the Land Raider ...

This will be the final WIP post for this Land Raider so the next post with be the finished model with better pictures as I took these pictures in low light. Keep in mind I do not intend to dirty or weather this model. I have such a huge back log it not in my interest. This model is taking longer, but the amount of paint recipes I have attained will hasten the next model. Anything you might suggest or tip me off to please feel free to.

The Multi-Melta mount has a few details to fix on the back panels, but it is otherwise finished. This I will never allow anyone to touch as it can snap if pulled off in a hurry due to a weapon destroyed result. The magical bond of plastic, pin, and metal I hope will last a long time with care.

I have finished painting the Assault cannons and assembled them to the cupola. The Assault cannon molds were so bad I had to create a plastic card spacer and even then they are slightly bent. The right Assault cannon's top and lower barrel don't even look like barrels. I glued the upper shield to the Assault cannons, but perhaps I should have glued them to the mounting pegs as well. I highly doubt I will bend them to a target during a game.

I painted and washed the tank treads before gluing them to the hull. They are still shiny as I noticed they had black primer showing though so I added a think layer to stop the black primer show through. I will add two layers of wash to the treads to dull them like all the other metal parts. I also found out this glue is great as it is strong and won't give much of a haze at all.

I believe I hate painting yellow and to add to the pile of yellow hate I hate painting black bars on yellow lights. I skipped the yellow bars on the search light which is blue in color, I wonder if I could have done the same with the yellow lights. Much light the search light the small glass view points on the various cupolas are painted using  combination of inks and washes.

The Hurricane bolters are painted and placed in the sponsor mounts along with the sensors glued to the tops of the sponsor mounts. I think the Hurricane bolters came out well how I painted them and I have started to add a thin highlight to the black to bring some more focus to the weapons. I am debating on whether to paint the square portions of the ammo bins metal to take more black away, but would this bring attention away from the weapons. The shields which are below need to be added as well.

Oh all the skulls I have painted on this model, the skull on the right access point is the best of them all. I need to clean up the wings a bit more to finish that piece off.

The Frag assault launchers I used some inks and washes to help bring out the individual launcher hatches. They need a bit of clean up, but otherwise they are looking good.

The goal is to have this Land Raider finished by the end of the month or earlier. All of the difficult parts are done its now a lot of clean ups and touch ups and a bit of assembly. Plus a final foam piece for it to be stored in. 

Past the Land Raider

Continuing on my current Blood Angel painting whim I examined all of my models to see what would be a good next contender. I thought heavily on the Assault squad, but I have a working one for now. The Ball was the next, but to my demise half of the bits are not cleaned yet. The Landspeeders might be a good one, but I am considering a large paint stripping job to match the new red color. 

My final choice was the small Devastator squad. The sergeant and the four missile launchers marines all have easy chest armor to paint and I will mostly paint black and metal. The sergeant has a few other details and his skin color to paint, but otherwise they all should paint up nicely. Oh course there are the eyes in the marines heads, however this thought comes to mind.

I'll skip the heads. Into the stripping progress the Devastator squad went.

Between the Land Raider

In the meantime in between working on the Land Raider and waiting for the Devastator squad I pulled out this lovely and started happily working on it. I was working on my Hive Guard models, but the primer I used was complete crap and it keeps coming off so I will need to strip them and use an auto white primer for a better hold on the metal models.

I have thought about bringing my Tyranids out for a game and this Trygon model usually makes the cut so it was a good choice to try and catch up were I left off. I focused on painting the rest of main grey skin color and the green inner flesh portions ending with lower arm work. I am running out of Badab Black wash so I will need to get a replacement soon in order to wash the grey skin color. It has a head and this particular head is one of the best painted heads I have so far.

This week will end on a good note as Masta Cheef and I are going to have a nice game of Battletech were we casually try to blow the smithereens out of each other's forces. Will BBQ squad show, who knows, stay tuned.

Till next time.


  1. Have you considered a silver metal color for the bars over your lights? It'd be easier to paint than the black plus would make more sense from a practical standpoint as the shiny metal helps reflect the light out more.

    As to the tyranid, that's not a bad shade of yellow to use on the bugs. What kind of basing are you going to do with them?

  2. That is some intense red! This is the same tank that was being stripped down that you showed me on Saturday, right?

  3. @ Kushial
    You might have a good idea on the metal bars over the lights and I think it paints much better than black.

    The Tyranid carapace armor is Iyaden Darksun and the new Averland Sunset works just as good. The next step I have no idea, but a sepia wash in the cracks and crevices seems to help a bit.

    For the base I have several ideas.
    1. Go army wide with an establish green earth base and then a grass and foliage flock mix. Sprinkled with skulls.
    2. This base
    Problem is removing the model from the current base and the fact the model is made for a flat base and I don't want to ruin it by a bad sculpty job at the base.
    3 This base
    This base reflects the fact a Tyrgon does not appear till most planet resistance is crushed.

    @ neverness
    I hope you like the red. It is a red spray follow by a generous coat of ink to stain/enhance the red further. I love the red of Blood Angels and not the orange warriors heavy high light addiction portrays them to be.

    This is not the usual Land Raider I bring in. This is another Land Raider you have not seen yet. The one you saw being stripped down is still being stripped down.

  4. Nope, no BBQ! platoon, however both OMG! & WTF? platoons will both partake in the battle.

    Also remind me, I have a partial bottle of Badab Black that I almost never use, you're welcome to it.

  5. Forget the GW paints. Come to the dark side... Reaper and Valeio. Much better paints.

  6. Not a huge fan of reaper, but then I'll admit I haven't used them in a while. I get some of the GW washes and bases occasionally but I pretty much use just Vallejo these days. Since I'm a bit sporadic on painting (lots one month to get stuff done, then no painting for a month or so), it's nice coming back to having paints still being perfectly useable.

  7. I use to use Reaper's Dragon Red a lot because it was a close match to the old citadel blood red + ink mix I used. However it and the scre tip pots with mixing balls vanished. Reaper is not found locally here either. :(

    Vallejo I do enjoy their game color so far. I will try other colors as I go.