Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh Blood Angel, where art thy assault?

Oh I remember 6th edition is for shooting and the title means nothing.

Two weeks ago I finally got around to playing a game of 40K with my Blood Angels with Jason and miraculously the game ended in a nice tie.

Last weekend I played another game of wait around for an hour to play another game of 40K with my Blood Angels again. Or is it 40 minutes to 40K, either way it is usually more than 30 minutes and this is why the pizza is not free. I played a game with Bob playing Dark Angels and two new players, Scott playing Yellow Marines, and Sky playing Deamonorcs. I used an 1850 point list sided with Sky using a 1500 point list against Bob using an 1850 point list and Sky using a 1500 point list. Oddly enough Bob and I deployed across from each other, while Scott and Sky did the same and I was the only player to place a unit in the friendly army deployment zone. Everyone had units to deep strike and every unit actually came in at a respectable reliable time, except Scott's Sternguard who took forever (Turn 5) to come in.

First game I used this list

Librarian with 100
1x Sanguinary Priest with 50
1x Sternguard Veteran Squad with 5x Additional Veterans, 2x Combi-Melta, Power Fist 285
Land Raider Crusader with Multi-Melta 260
1x Furioso Dreadnought with Frag Cannon 125
Drop Pod 35
1x Tactical Squad with 5x Additional Marines, Plasma Gun, Plasma Rifle, Lascannon 205
1x Assault Squad with 5x Additional Marines, 2x Meltagun, Power Weapon 225
Fast Attack
Baal Predator with Heavy Bolter Sponsons 145
2x Land Speeder Squadron with 2x Heavy Bolter 120
1x Land Speeder Squadron with Typhoon Missile Launcher 90
Heavy Support
1x Devastator Squad with 5x Additional Marines,4x Missile Launcher 210

Last game I used the same list, but I modified the list by removing the Land Raider as I saw a whole lot of bullshit coming down from deep strike. I replaced it with a Second Furioso Dreadnaught with Frag Cannon and Drop Pod and a second Saquinary Priest with a Jump Pack and Power Sword.

I took out the Land Raider and forgot it was the transport for my Sternguard so technically the list had an extra Elite by accident. Go go go gadget list modification on the fly. Its not like the Sternguard did much anyway but hide in the trees like the Tactical Squad did all game.
Someone did speak for them, "Then we will fight in the shade".

Here is a shot of the battle after deployment.

Bob is patient. Bob has a soda. Bob is ready for battle.

Things I learned from this game.

* Since Scott's C Dreadnaught had the rule shoot at shit falling from the sky, my first Drop pod's machine spirit said fuck this shit and changed coarse to land in left field next to release a Furious Dreadnaught next to a loan Dark Angel Tactical Squad.
* Sky's uncontrollable Chaos powers randomly denied my Furioso an assault with a chance to head closer to the middle.
* Scott dropped a squad of melta toting marines down on my Bal Predator and blew it up including two of his own squad.
* I dropped my second Furious Dreadnaught down next to his C Dreadnaught where it waked right up behind it to give it some melta love. Exploding brilliance.
* Having two Furioso Dreadnaughts in their deployment zone wreaking havoc was not good for the green/yellow marine alliance.
* Scott represented the number 1 with perfect triple 1s followed by double 1s and a single 1 when he needed it most, I think he blames his Sternguard for the latter.

* Bob represented the number 2 with perfect accuracy when trying to shoot my Blood Angels.
* I represented the number 5 and coming in for a tie the number 6. FNP never felt so good.
* My librarian never died like he usually does, nor did he really do anything either.
* Whener I think a Sanguinary Preiest is not worth his points and I add another Sanguinary Priest, my FNP rolls because stupidly better.
* As much as people claim my army is Chaos aligned with no heads I was allied with Chaos in this battle against my own brethren. I wonder if down the line Marines will be allowed to ally with Chaos, but Tyranids will never get to ally with shit.
* Scott's rhino will forever be affectionately called the Yellow School Bus.
* My Blood Angels were bitter according to Scoot to Bob's Dark Angels, something which should be reserved for Space Wolves, but fluff went out the window with this game long ago.
* The combined might of Stergaurd poison, Landspeeder, Devastator squad is clearly not enough to kill off nor dampen the spirits of a Dark Angel Tactical squad, which bring me to my next point.
* Removing a stubborn Dark Angel unit from a game is like clearing a dungeon is Skyrim. The last guy shows no care his friends are dead endlessly fighting on.
* Scott hopelessly failed to kill my Landspeeder Typhoon which hopelessly failed to kill the Yellow School Bus.
* Chaos fabulous flamers can put out a stupid amount of firepower. Such hate was placed against Bob's terminators, Bob almost weathered it despite Sky forgetting one in the corner, almost ... respect.
* Scott's Sternguard arrived at the last minute to make one of the last kills, killing something which had already been killed before. Time loop anyone?
* I managed to fail FNP four times resulting in the loss of two Sternguard and two Assault marines and a Furious Dreadnaught, all being Bob's kills I think and my Bal Predator which Scott took out early on.
* Bob's cell phone had a template land on it at some point.
* Bob's terminators stole the show and made an eleven inch charge to engage a big mob of deamonorcs.

Proof it did happen.

Here is a shot of the game at the end of turn 5 which was the end of the game.

Bob is stubborn.
My second Furioso Dreadnaught is in the Northwest building having killed of Scott's commander and his attached servitor unit. My Tactical squad did nothing. The clear small blast templates are my simulated proxy counts as Drop Pods.

Referring to the title, I suppose it has hidden meaning all along, my Dreadnaughts shot and assaulted, my Assault squad shot and assaulted, and the rest of my army shot. The majority of the damage I caused throughout the game was from shooting.

Next time we fight the Ghetto Rangers.
Until next time when in trouble and fighting the end boss ...
Look to the sky, look at the audience, wink, and yell Pimp Cain!


  1. Ok, I'll bite: "Ghetto Rangers?" LOL!

  2. It is a reference to a silly series of comments I made during the game.