Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Restarting after a stall

I kept promising myself I would update this blog and here I am noticing the last time I posted was back in January of this year. Most of it is me being lazy, but aren't we all anyway. So here I promise to update my blog with some new stuff to read and rant about.

So how do I sum up five months or so in review? I guess I can try my best if anyone is interested.

First on all, I have gotten nothing painted, lol, not really proud of it, but hey I'm being honest. I am still painting two Assault Squads simultaneously. Sometimes I wonder if I should hold off for a bit as there is rumor of a new codex. My Minecraft server and XBOX absorbs a lot of time and energy.

I have managed to get a few games of 40K in and mostly it is me being lazy about going down to play and just wanting to stay and home an relax. I played a few games pat my game in January using my Blood Angels. Despite the Blood Angels obviously issues here and there I have tooled my list to be a more shooting army than assault army overtime and it has been able to tie or win games most of the times. One game I played Bob' Eldar which had a wraithlord, I think, refuse to die despite throwing ridiculous amounts of firepower at it.

I got play Tyranids a few times post new codex. The army was previously shelved. I tried the army out for the first time in a big 2 vs 1 with my Tyranids having 3,000 points to Scott's Orks and Mac's Ultramarines armies at 1,500 points a piece. It was huge cluster fuck of  game, but it was cool to use almost all of the units to view their individual strengths and weaknesses. Scott was mostly mechanized and came after me while Mac turtled away most of the game. However I did get to feed his terminators to pack of hungry genstealers.

I got to play Mac again using my Blood Angels and the game was a pleasure to play. He used a balanced list in my opinion, no huge power characters or power units so it was a good game overall.

The previous weekend I brought out my Tyranids for another try at the new codex and still used 6th edition. I played against a dwarf, no um must have been one of these guy's, I originally thought it was Bob Hoskin's without the Russian accent of Stalingrad of course, really the dude's name was David or Dave. Anyway he had an awesome Iron Hands marine army with attempted to shoot the stuffing out of my Tyranid's. He used a twin factored list of Land Raider Crusaders, Centurion Sqauds, and raw troops. His army color scheme would make the Green Ranger proud and damn I thought at one point he might summon the Dragonzord. It was hella fun despite my endless early complaining about the lack of quality codex.

I played a game against demons with my Blood Angels against  Edwin. This is all I have to say.
Edwin is a power gamer, lol.
I Played him previously with his Necrons, which were sent back to the bakery, then against his Bolter Bitches which got bitched out for Tyranids, lol, and last his Daemons.
Edwin is not allow to talk about why he likes Daemons, lol.
Edwin's day shall come, Bob is in France, so I must wait, but for Edwin, I must say soon.

That's all I got to say about that. Just like when Forest Gump is on TV you watch it like 300 which is on right now while I type this post.

I have battle reports to catch up on. Sometimes I wonder if its worth is, but I enjoy creating them and placing humor in them to see  if anyone can spot it. I still have a Battletech battle report to post following up on another large battle report along with more smaller reports. Most of my Battletech battle reports are from my ongoing ATOW campaign I run in Kingsport. I periodically take a week or few off to create story arcs, but I try to keep it going as much as I can.

I went to Washington DC and toured the nation's capitol. It was cool and fun. I wish I had more time, but I think anyone will realize this a day in or so. There is simply to much to do and see and money can run out quick if you are not careful.

I found out in the latest email update the Robotech Kickstarter will ship in maybe July, another month from what they said would be June. This makes the Kickstarter now eight plus months behind. The only good thing is the models look awesome ad I will have enough to support two or more players. Another bonus is I fund two players which bought the boxed game so their is potential to play it a few times.

Not that it matters much, but I am thinking of switching my large dice for smaller dice.

There is probably more to say, but I can't think about it all right now, but you get the picture I am going to post again soon so stay with me.

Oh yeah, one more important thing. I believe the long war between two major powers has perhaps ended. I forgave him awhile ago, I don't hold grudges, I think he did to, and I never stopped reading his blog.


  1. It just doesn't get more old-school than feeding Terminators to Genestealers! Well done sir!

  2. If it is that bad, (which all of it has been evidently), why do you play me?

    1. I guess I love the abuse and it gives plenty of fuel to fee my rant and rage fires. All three times I used my Blood Angels under 6th edition rules. The Blood Angel's Codex in my opinion is a bit lacking somewhat.
      Necrons I have little but spit wads against your air units.
      Sisters my FNP was out classed by your Re-roll lol lolz.
      Deamons the INT was insane and I really had no chance versus two Blood Thirsters.