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Battletech Battle Report | Draconis Combine versus Word of Blake

Here I bring another Battletech Battle Report for your reading pleasure. This battle report is for a Battletech game consisting of a small non-campaign lance on lance engagement in the Word of Blake designated Draconis Theater. I added a small narrative in the beginning followed a battlefield analysis at the end.  The battle report itself is a review of the engagement discovered on a damaged battle feed recorded long after. Please read and enjoy.

Draconis Combine and Word of Blake

One Friday evening I got word my GM services would not be needed for the evening I attempted to salvage the evening by asking my friend Dan if he wanted to play a normal game of Battletech. Dan was quick to confirm. Previous to playing I told him I would create two small forces, one Draconis Combine and the other Word of Blake using a  bunch of battlemech miniatures I had. I told Dan he would play the Draconis Combine force. I have played as Draconis Combine often and briefly as Word of Blake.

For simplicity I stayed with battlemechs which would fit in the Jihad timeline either just prior to or shortly into. I wanted to try a DC lance versus a WOB Level 2 lance using all sort of C3 and C3i units, but time to build the forces was limited. Not having a lot of time to look into variants I used the initial production variants. Using an initial production variant gives any player including myself a good feel of the initial production variant and how other variants would either better or worsen the initial variant.

I selected two forces coming out to equal battlemech class, tonnage, mechwarrior skill, and BV. Having BV so close allowed all regular mechwarriors to be improved to veteran mechwarriors. BV was off by about 70 points in favor of the Draconis Combine forces, but this didn't bother either side.

For the Draconis Combine force I went with a lot of what I owned and most of them being popular DC battlemechs. I selected an Akuma, a Mauler,  a No-Dachi, and a Flashman. The Akuma would be the center piece of the lance, an assault mech effective from short to long range which increases it's threat potential the closer it gets. The Mauler is a good all around well balanced and costed long range assault mech. The No-Dachi, like the the Akuma is effective from short to long range further increasing threat potential the closer the range, plus it is equipped with a sword. Joking to Dan later I told him this is the closest he'll ever get to a sword in battletech with me as far as our campaign goes. I have a strict no samurai swords in space policy. Although he joking reminds me this blog's title is a complete contradiction to what it is really about. The Flashman would fill out the lance as a generous flanker and guerrilla fighter solely armed with energy weapons effective at medium to short range and twice as deadly because of its speed and heat dissipation ability. I figured since Comstar gifted the Draconis Combine a number of FLS-C variants, the FLS-8k variant would be fine plus it removes the unneeded C3 Slave Unit. I have used all of these battlemechs before. Some of these mechs I have used multiple times, especially the Akuma and No-Dachi so I let Dan have a run with them all at once.

This lance is built to be aggressive. The Mauler can stay behind the rest of the lance tossing LRMs down range while the rest of the lance closes distance with the enemy. Every battlemech in the lance has the armor profile to receive a considerable amount of damage while approaching enemy units.

For the Word of Blake forces I selected a Grand Titan, a Grand Crusader, a Black Knight, and Caesar. The Grand Titan which I have yet to use would be the center piece of the lance. This mech will be interesting to see how it plays as it almost entirely short range threat with only a minor amount of long range threat potential. The Grand Titan will fill the long range battlefield role, plus it was a general excuse to field it with the Grand Titan. The Black Knight is the BL-9-KNT variant fielding a hatchet. This is sort of a counter to the No-Dachi, but not really as it serves a guerrilla role fighter easily. Like the Flashman it has many similar qualities, weapon range profiles, great heat dissipation, non ballistic weapons. The Caesar was the last selected to even the BV between both lances and it is a great machine worthy of the cause.

This lance is more of a defensive line. The Grand Crusader and Caesar can provide range support. Both can fill short range support, but respectively at a cost of heat and the ability to effectively do so. The Grand Titan won't do much without being close enough to bring the majority of it's weapons in range. The Black Knight will either fill a flank or pursue role as a ranged fight is not his game.

Between me and Dan, games never go as you think they will anyway.

Draconis Theater - Planet KT01

Only through a show of force can believers be shown the will of the Dragon can bend and fall allowing those to pass in it's wake.

Planet KT01 or locally known as  Culina Mensam is a small settlement world tucked safely within the safety of Draconis Combine territorial borders. Her role in the combine is plain and simple, resource production. The Draconis government cares only for her resources and very little if at all for her people. The people of KT01 have no love for their masters as their masters have no love for their people.The planet's main defense past unnecessary amounts of persons of authority and small handfuls of infantry assets, is a single assault lance of battlemechs.

Forgotten by her people and the combine itself, KT01 possessed a rather useful communications facility decommissioned decades before. Under well placed disguise Word of Blake officials revived the long dormant facility. For the facilities protection small amount of infantry assets were added and eventually a single assault lance of battlemechs was imported for garrison.

Combine authority thought only of the facility assets as a show of force and nothing else. Their minds were too focused on the constant production of resources. If the Word of Blake militia is to expand their ranks in the Draconis Theater it will need believers. Keeping the combine blind and deaf to their doings, Word of Blake officials spread promise of better cause through belief. They sewed trust within the people of KT01 amassing their faith and potential.

Word surfaced of transports waiting to take true believers away if they showed their true faith to the cause. No time or location was known, the surfaced words only spoke of a road and a signal to be. A signal was needed to show those ready to be taken away.

 With this notion, a mass amount of Word of Blake officials along with four massive battlemechs appeared invading the massive suburbs of KT01 broadcasting. They came through the gates of the suburb's central road. Local authority would be pushed aside clearly no match for what was to come. Planned local disturbances along with silent sabotage removed interference from planetary infantry assets. Affixed to the battlemchs were various speakers calling for those who believe to follow the road.

Dragon versus Blakist

Battle Report

Battle Setup


Equal Force Face off

Missions Objective

Draconis Combine - DC forces must flush out and remove the WOB forces thereby showing the local populace the will of the dragon through sheer power.

Word of Blake - WOB forces must crush the will of the Dragon on their own soil and show the local populace the path of the true believer is open.

Missions Rules

Careful Stand
Floating Critical
Buildings *

* Buildings rules referred to by memory of both sides. Buildings rules review concluded buildings rules referred to by memory of both sides incorrect.

* Battlemechs could only climb buildings equal to their respective weight class.
* Battlemechs could move through any buildings collapsing buildings less than their respective weight class.


Mapsheet Selection

City Suburbs
City Suburbs (Copy)

Mapsheet Layout

Left mapsheet
City Suburbs
Battletech logo facing North

Right mapsheet
City Suburbs
Battletech logo facing South

North is up

Battle Forces


Draconis Combine

Veteran Lance

All Mechwarrior Gunnery/Piloting is 3/4
Total Battlemech Tonnage is 325 tons

No-Dachi NDA-1K
Flashman FLS-8K
Akuma AKU-1X
Mauler MAL-1R


Word of Blake

Veteran Lance

All Mechwarrior Gunnery/Piloting is 3/4
Total Battlemech Tonnage is 325 tons

Caesar CES-3R
Black Knight BL-9-KNT
Grand Crusader GRN-D-01
Grand Titan T-IT-N10M

Battle Report


Draconis Combine deployed along the North edge
Word of Blake deployed along the South edge

* Initially, all forces were deployed using there full allowed movement on to their respective map edge. We thought this may have been too much movement freedom so all units were pulled back to only three hexes in and facing towards the enemy deployment edge. The image below is prior to adjustment.

Once deployment was complete, WOB forces had control of the central road with a Grand Crusader, the left road originally controlled by a Grand Titan was contested by an Akuma while the East road was left open.

Draconis Combine
Akuma - Flashman - Mauler - No-Dachi

Grand Titan - Grand Crusader - Black Knight - Caesar

Begin Battle Feed

Turn 1

Initiative: DC

Blakist forces knew well their Caesar was designed to cause as much damage at range as possible before closing in towards an enemy. With this design theory in mind it moved and perched itself on top of a nearby building gaining a much better view. In response it saw a No-Dachi walk from behind protection of a building towards a nearby woods for cover. There was a possibility of gaining additional movement forward or even being completely out of LOS, but none were taken. The Caesar pilot assumed the No-Dachi pilot was taking a dual opportunity of firing at him while heating his mech up.

With the road into enemy territory covered with sights of AC/2s and LRMs the Black Knight walked toward perfect cover ready to make a dash to flank the Mauler. In an unexpected move the Mauler pushed forward towards the No-Dachi demolishing a building in the way. Reasoning suggests if the Caesar stayed on top of the building for a better targeting potential at the expense of protection it would be exposed long enough for the Mauler to fire at it.

A second assessment of the Grand Crusader's position was that it was not in a good position at all. If the Flashman went straight for the Grand Crusader it could clear the distance fast. It would be exposed to the sights of twin LRM20s for a limited amount of time. Flashman of this variant had the speed and armor to do so along with a weapons compliment to healthily fire back with considerable damage. This left the Grand Crusader with little options. If the Flashman closed the distance which it could, the Grand Crusader would be outgunned at close range and potentially painted in a small inescapable alley or even worse pushed right out of the action. The Grand Crusader's pilot chose to move his mech into the West map for two possible outcomes. Moving West and having the Flashman follow would allow the Black Knight to easier slip by the Flashman's guard towards flanking the Mauler. There was also a possibility of the Black Knight ignoring the Mauler and trapping the Flashman between the Grand Crusader and itself.

Both Akuma and Grand Titan pilots closed distance between each other while not allowing any LOS to be achieved between each other.

Combat was only between the Caesar and the No-Dachi with the No-Dachi having the better overall damage dealt. The No-Dachi caused serious damage being able to remove a third of the Cesar's center torso armor. This also came with a bad oversight in wanted heat buildup then the pilot intended. The Caesar either hit or missed with it's ERPPC, but missed entirely with it's Gauss Rifle missing the early chance to carve a full of ton of armor from the No-Dachi.

Turn 2

Initiative: DC

An overheated and slowed No-Dachi is a tempting target for a high perched sniper. Woods would still provide protection for units below while a roof would provide no protection for units above. The No-Dachi in some respects still had an upper hand against the Caesar and a Mauler potentially adding itself to the mix could easily spell doom for the unprotected Caesar. Giving Draconis Combine forces an early kill was not an option for Word of Blake forces. For this reason alone, the Caesar moved off the rooftop into a road leading to a taller mass of buildings providing concealing cover.

An unchecked Black Knight sensing no immediate danger continued to advance forward.

The Grand Titan still a bit on the move pushed a bit more forward to stand behind a smaller building  which would provide a small amount of cover. This new position provided better LOS towards a fast approaching Flashman. Willing to take risks and challenge a larger foe the Flashman moved to place himself in the front firing arcs for his opponent and himself as well as behind smaller building for additional protection.

Trajectory leading to target would surmise the Akuma would bend movement with the road following it into enemy territory. Presumptions were correct although a more cautious speed was observed. It's target not wanting a fight with a Flashman than an Akuma or both, it moved for the latter's direction. Instead of mirroring enemy movement, movement bypassed the road to a smaller building offering protection. This move would push the firefight to ranges of medium and long range weapons hopefully.

Combat was limited to the West portion of the suburbs. Akuma and Grand Titan aside Flashman and Grand Crusader both fights saw less tonnage against more tonnage. The Akuma weighing in at ten tons less than the Grand Titan is still assault class bringing an equal amount of firepower.

The Flashman weighing in at five tons less than the Grand Crusader and being heavy class versus assault class was no disadvantage. The Flashman is dangerous at medium range and deadly at close range while the Grand Crusader is sliced between being deadly at long range and dangerous at close range. Another detail is the Flashman has an enormous amount of heat dissipation while the Grand Titan has only two thirds of the same potential. The Flashman also has a large variety of various quantities of short to medium range lasers to utilize while the Grand Crusader's power is foremost LRMs or various sets of twin pulse lasers. Lastly the Flashman is much faster and just as armored as the Grand Crusader. In the long run a battle between Flashman and Grand Crusader could easily swing to the Flashman's favor alone. This would not be a fight the Grand Crusader would want to commit to determine a winner.

As expected both Akuma and Grand Titan pummeled each other with both battlemechs receiving strong amounts of side torso damage. The Akuma chose to not fire the MRM30 which had a decent roll chance. If the MRM30 did fire with a good salvo roll it would have placed a much stronger lead in overall damage and even worse if groupings hit similar locations.

The Flashman made the Grand Titan feel the heat it could bring to bare using a mix of large and medium lasers. The Grand Crusader limited itself to twin large pulse lasers in response to avoid taxing upcoming movement. The Flashman's lasers caused enough damage to sway the larger class battlemech. The sway was to much causing the Grand Titan to fall backwards giving the pilot a view of the skyline.

Turn 3

Initiative: DC

To avoid being one battlemech short in defense, the pilot of the Grand Crusader stood his battlemech up in the position prior to falling. He could at the least provide direct of indirect fire support depending upon how LOS lanes evolved.

A risk move saw the Flashman turn right away from in front of the Grand Crusader towards the Grand Titan hoping to add to the attack previously started by the Akuma. The Grand Titan after a long moment of pause passed on a potential two to one fight and moved to concealment. This move in turned saw the Akuma bank off the road and straight into a building. Matters could have been much worse if the Flashman continued  with a second energy weapon barrage against the Grand Titan. The Grand Titan's side torsos where moderately damaged and possibly the Flashman's pilot had failed to recognize this.

Examining this choice of movement more closely leads the decision to be the better action to take. Assuming the Flashman did commit to attacking the Grand Crusader again it would need to utilize a lot of weaponry in hopes to make a serious impact. This could have produce heat issues as well as opening LOS for other enemy units to engage. If the Flashman failed to do anything of note it would see itself trapped and seemingly mauled to destruction by the rest of the enemy lance.

With Mauler and No-Dachi so close together and temporarily out of direct LOS, Blakist forces abandoned the East suburbs in favor of concentrating the West suburbs. Movement from East to West brought both Black Knight and Caesar in LOS of the Akuma. Although both Grand battlemechs were concealed for the time being, the Flashman on the other hand had one small fire arc to assist the Akuma.

Combat was brief with small amounts of damage. The Black Knight and Caesar combined firepower towards the Akuma. The Flashman missed the Black Knight. The Akuma targeted past the Black Knight to the weaker Caesar.

Turn 4

Initiative: WOB

Blakist forces predicted if the Akuma moved forward past the treeline it was certain Draconis forces were moving in for a kill. The pilot of the Grand Titan understood the fight with the Akuma was certain. One or the other had to be taken out and both sides were looking for a first kill. The Flashman seemed to be ignoring the Grand Crusader and chasing the Grand Titan which made matters worse due to its speed. He could only keep up the chase for so long and long enough at his current pace. The only option was to stand and fight and trust his battlemech could weather the massive amount of damage which could possibly be dealt. The Grand Titan moved back again into a better position in case he was attacked by both nearby enemy units.

Reinforcing the movement of  heavy units, the Grand Crusader pushed forward along the road towards the suburb central road. This new position allowed the Grand Titan two valuable options. Keep the approaching Akuma or approaching No-Dachi in check, whichever the more valuable target.

Fearing nothing from the East suburbs both Black Knight and Caesar advanced forward using cover were possible. The Black Knight had a choice to be exposed to both nearby enemy units or one while the Caesar would only be exposed to the Akuma's wrath, but with cover. Since the Grand Titan would be covering the road to the Akuma is it moved forward enough, the Black Knight stayed behind concealment so only the Flashman would be able to see or reach him. The Caesar is armed for ranged combat possessing two powerful long ranged weapons. The rest of it's weapons are limited to twin sets of pulse lasers with one set in the rear. Possessing little close range defense is why it left before the No-Dachi a much more dangerous close combat machine could become a serious threat. The Caesar's position to the Akuma is a completely dangerous move as it is much more favorable to the Akuma's weapons range. Being the Akuma was more likely to focus on the Grand Titan is the reason the Caesar is where it is at. However, if the Akuma were to change its primary target to the Caesar or fire solely at it, the Caesar with it's already damage center torso would be let critically damaged or destroyed.

The Flashman as expected moved, but he moved farther West behind a small building providing him LOS to and cover from both Black Knight and Grand Titan. His interest seemed only for the Grand Titan and not of the Black Knight.

The Akuma moved forward into the road ahead, in plain sight of the Grand Titan and in covered sight of the Caesar and Grand Crusader which also had cover from him.

Combat was brutal, especially between Akuma and Grand Titan as both assault battlemechs had incoming attacks from multiple enemy units. Both sides attempted to take down each other's most powerful battlemech they had on the field. Draconis forces consisting of Akuma and Flashman both attacked the Grand Titan. WOB forces consisting of Caesar, Grand Crusader, and Grand Titan all attacked the Akuma.

The Flashman received little worthy damage from the Black Knight to cause any concern.

Both Akuma and Flashman opened fire together sending as much firepower as possible to the Grand Titan hoping to cracks it's massive armored frame. The Grand Titan took a massive amount of damage from both battlemechs leaving little left on one side torso. The Grand Titan stood proud and tall leaving it's pilot wary of the scant amount of armor left on his side torso. Warning flashing gave notice any further damage would risk ammunition detonation.

Bravely facing an Akuma before him the pilot of the Caesar took his battlemech's excellent heat dissipation ability to heart and fired every weapon he had available at the Akuma. Every weapon fired counted in this moment for the Caesar's pilot, but the pilot particularly rejoiced seeing his Gauss Rifle strike true. The Grand Titan as well added his weapons to the mixture of death thrown at the Akuma. The pilot for some reason recalls a pitiful amount of missiles salvos fired from the massive LRMs potential. Finally the Grand Titan fired in turn towards the Akuma with nasty mixture of missiles and pulse lasers.

The Akuma, just like the Grand Titan was encased in a massive armored frame which absorbed massive amounts of damage. An assault battlemech is built to withstand great deals of damage. Odds ranging from 1 to 1, 2 to 1, and even 3 to 1 are where assault units truly shine in their power. The Akuma held fine walking into a three to one fight. However, this was not the case, the Akuma in this case suffered from superior damage concentration to one side torso being peppered, pounded, torn, ripped, and melted down. Location armor even for assault battlemech can only take so much abuse leaving damage to flow into internal structure within where it further damages or destroys internal structure and components. The Grand Titan's end resulting firepower assumed the hands of death. Those hands cracked and ripped open his enemy's armor allowing the damage to poor in like a hand reaching through an open wound to it's vulnerable and volatile ammunition inside where those fingers touched the ammunitions and detonated it. The Akuma's internal systems detected the ammunition detonation automaticaly taking action on behalf of it's pilot. The pilot was instantly jettisoned from the Deamon faced battlemech moments before it erupted in a tremendous explosive ball of flame leaving the Akuma in a pile of super hot molten slag.

Battlemech destroyed!

Reports details nearby woods and building set on fire causing even more damage to the suburbs.

Turn 5

Initiative: DC

Blakist movement was brief centering around providing a temporary protected shell for one of their own. The Grand Titan's pilot was much relieved to have his battlemech still standing and working properly. He was overheated and he needed to dump ammunition from his battlemech's severely damaged side torso. He moved his massive machine forward and parked it's back safely against a concealing building while keeping it's front to the roads in case the Flashman pressed an attack. The pilot of the Black Knight examined his possible options and surmised he could only aid his lance mate from one side so he moved his battlemech forward in support. The Caesar stayed in position next to the grand Crusader which moved backward slightly. Both battlemechs were in LOS of the No-Dachi then and if it moved forward.

Draconis Movement was almost of two minds. The Flashman moved away while both Mauler and No-Dachi moved towards their enemy. After actions reports suggest the Draconis forces may have attempted to regroup. This would explain the Flashman's movement away from Blakist forces. The Flashman could have attacked the Black Knight or even the Grand Titan at perfect combat range further pressing the chance penetrating the weak side torso armor. Attacking the Grand Titan would have left his open to attack by both Grand Titan and Black Knight. Perhaps this was to much to commit to with a looming chance of a failed attack. Further battle analysis reveals both Mauler and No-Dachi were working together to setup to disable the Caesar.

No enemy units having any valid LOS to the Grant Titan would improve it's overall decreased stability while it's effectiveness was not hindered in any way. It possessed a second bin of ammunition of the same type of ammunition dumped.

Combat erupted from both sides near the central road with both sides of the suburbs seeking supremacy overall. The Mauler was safely concealed behind a building where, but it was not out of combat whatsoever. The Mauler's pilot used spotting information from the nearby No-Dachi to indirectly launch LRMs over his concealing structure unto to the Grand Crusader further ahead. At the same time the Mauler firing his full compliments of AC/2s and an ER Large laser into the concealing structure causing a full to collapse. Strategy analysis suggests bringing down the structure in front would allow a full attack against the Caesar. The No-Dachi also fire his weapons at the Grand Crusader.  Both battlemechs brought more of the Grand Crusader's armor down with more concentration on the side torsos.

The No-Dachi on the other side of the road fared worse. Combined firepower from both Caesar and Grand Crusader took enough of a tole to critically damage a leg actuator. The pilot of the Grand Crusader took considerable risk firing all of his battlemech's main weapons. Combine heat production outweighed heat dissipation ability so much the mechwarrior risked both the destruction by ammunition explosion and temporary shutdown.

The damage was too much for the No-Dachi's pilot to keep it upright and he fell rightwards to the ground. The Grand Crusader's pilot safely bypassed an ammo explosion from excess heat buildup, but his battlemech's systems could not take the stress and shutdown the entire battlemech for an emergency cool down cycle.

Turn 6

Initiative: WOB

A notion of honor and trust between lance mates was mirrored in movement actions taken on both sides. The No-Dachi was able to stand itself with very little movement to go while the Mauler braced itself close by to draw some fire. The Mauler now possessed an open sight lance to the majority of the approaching enemy units. Since the Grand Crusader and it's pilot were completely helpless while in an emergency cool down cycle the Caesar stood fast in support to help draw any cheap shot fire.

Dragon honor is probably more favorable than Blakist honor when it comes down firing at a helpless shutdown battlemech. Whose to say Blakists has any honor at all.

Both Black Knight and Grand Titan turned and moved towards the central road. Nearby the Flashman took a turn back towards the action plowing through a building into a park.

The Caesar's pilot took a serious risk not moving his battlemech. With risk comes rewards the pilot assured himself in his actions. Risk would lead to his battlemech with little protection and ripe for a hefty reprisal from his enemy. Reward would lead to his trust gained between his lance mates and his standing with the WOB. Draconis forces took advantage of this risk and merged for a kill setting all of their weapons sights upon the Caesar.

While the Caesar's fate was being decided, both Black Knight and Grand Titan aimed their weapons at the enemy in response. Due to previous damage attacking the No-Dachi was still a more favorable target where weapons could achieve a lock-on. The No-Dachi had a critically damaged leg and destroying the leg would cut the Draconis forces in half. Blakist forces have no honor, they will attack any target.

Draconis forces fire at the Caesar which suffered a terrible barrage of various weapons damage mostly upon the center torso location, but it did not fall. The pilot was left with system alarms blazing away signaling his battlemech's center torso armor was compromised and it's internal structure was critically damaged.

Both Mauler and No-Dachi received damaged, but no battlemech fell in combat for both sides.

Turn 7

Initiative: Unknown. Intelligence reports point to a more favorable DC start.

Movement actions were very mirrored on both sides just like the previous actions taken. Blakists felt they had the upper hand in combat. They ordered the Caesar's pilot to move his critically damaged battlemech back to avoid total destruction thus denying the Draconis forces any easy kill or preferably any kill. Cool down cycle complete, the pilot of the Grand Titan had control of his battlemech. He marched his battlemech counter-clockwise around the Ceaser to cover as many sight lanes as possible around the Caesar daring the Flashman to approach.

On the East side of the central road, the No-Dachi moved behind a concealing building while the Mauler again stood fast in support. This was a calculated risk, heavy in favor of bad return, but honor runs high within the Mauler's pilot.

The pilot of the Black Knight cared nothing for honor and pushed forward at full speed ending his movement just enough to see the No-Dachi. If the No-Dachi's could not go down by a proper physical weapon attack then it would go down by lasers melting it's armor slag. Thundering sounds could be heard following in the foot steps behind the Black Knight. The Grand Titan was just behind the Black Knight bringing itself in a much more dangerous weapons range then the Mauler pilot had wanted.

Further behind the Grand Titan moved the Flashman ignoring the possibility of removing the Caesar and instead going for a rear arc of the Grand Titan.

The Black Knight showed no remorse in hunting down his enemies to prove his worth and ferocious demeanor to a cause. He blasted the No-Dachi so much he destroyed a side torso gutting the engine in the process thereby shutting the battlement down for good.

Battlemech destroyed!

The Mauler took tremendous damage from the Grand Titan and even more damage from the Grand Titan. Lasers, pulse laser, LRMs, SRMs they fires everything they could to bring the battlemech down. The pilot of the Caesar with his battlemech falling back showed he had no honor in being defeated and fire his deadly payload at the Mauler as well. The Mauler's armor was ripped to shreds in many locations cracked open to the inner structure with many internal components damaged exposed and damaged.

Some how, the hulking walking long range fire support platform stood tall, but critically damaged. Multiple alarms sounded along with multiple warnings displaying all over the cockpit. The Mauler's pilot would not be able to weather another round of firepower like this. Any more commitment to this battle would see his battlemech hunted down by the pursuing Black Knight most likely melted down to slag or chopped to pieces.

The Flashman's bold effort for a rear shot to the Grand Titan failed to do anything of worth. If the Flashman had gone further down the road enough to gain LOS to the Ceaser it may have very well been able to gain a lost kill. This would open up the Blakist forces rear flank, possibly turning the Caesar's weapons away from the Mauler towards the Flashman.

End Battle Feed.

End Game

Assumptions are Blakist forces were able to push back Draconis Forces possibly destroying them in the process. Word of Blake officials would then be able to focus solely on the extraction of their believers.

Carnage Report


Draconis Combine

No-Dachi NDA-1K
Some ammunition dumped
Battlemech Destroyed
Flashman FLS-8K
Minor Damage
Akuma AKU-1X
Battlemech Destroyed
Mauler MAL-1R
Critical Damage

Building damaged - 4


Word of Blake

Battlemech Crippled
Forced Withdrawal
Black Knight
Minor Damage
Grand Crusader
Moderate Damage
Grand Titan
Some ammunition dumped
Moderate Damage

Buildings damaged - 1

Battle Analysis

It is difficult to discover and learn from a game unless a game progresses far enough. We played this game until one side suffered 50% in casualties to get some kind of outcome from it. This way both parties get a sense of right and wrongs done. I know Dan make a quite a few mistakes and I did as well. Still a lot of this game's perceived mistakes emerged from risk in general, although mistake and risk are completely different.

Sadly, no battlemech physical weapons were used. Dan later admitted his deployment and movement was based on two battlemechs assisting each other. Lance assist strategy is often used in the RPG campaign we play as a way to bond characters as well as enhance development. There are instances when this is thrown out the window in the case of the bounty hunter encounter.  Although this is a good strategy in some cases it is not always best to use with small numbers. We tend to define battlemech assisting is when one is done a lancemate assists the downed till the downed is back up. There are instances were we both used assist tactics during turn 5 and 7. Most of this game both of use were trying to obtain a better hand with 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 ratios against each other.

Both grand battlemechs had anti-missile systems installed and I thought they wouldn't be all to helpful. I was wrong as I rarely get to use them, against LRMs they can bring their numbers down to prevent a full salvo hit and against SSRMs they can knock at least one missile out.

This game I did something I have never done and that is bring a battlemech's heat level so high it risked shutdown and an ammunition explosion. This is the risk and reward one had to take in order to sometimes cause as much damage as possible in the thick of the moment. The risk and reward was so well I ended up doing the same thing again during the last turn although I never got to see the outcome.

Notes on battlemech performance based on usage.

  • No-Dachi - Heat dissipation abilities were poorly mismanaged so full potential was never witnessed. 
  • Flashman - Records showed being heat cautious and apparently never effecting movement ability. Low cautious heat buildup was probably to keep speed profile at full, safe, but too safe possibly. A strong start against the heavier grand Crusader. A pair of possible missed opportunities between heavily damaged Grand Crusader and Grand Titan.
  • Akuma - A truly aggressive machine in the hands of a brave and skilled pilot as shown when it picked the Grand Titan as it's primary target pursuing it till either destruction of the enemy or itself. There are thoughts if following the road past first engagement of the Grand Titan would have been better than turning towards the wood clearing.
  • Mauler - Moved entirely to early in this engagement based upon the Caesar initial sniping position. Once the Caesar vacated the immediate area, the Mauler was left out of the battle for a small amount of time. Good use of indirect LRM fire when possible. Scarce recorded intercepted comm chatter brings the battlemech designation Daboku in light, reasoned as possible mechwarrior confusion
  • Caesar  - This battlemech proved far more useful staying true to it's design away from enemy units acting as a mobile long range weapons platform.
  • Black Knight - Acted as a standard flanker, bodyguard, and pursuit asset. Nothing out of the ordinary. Never damaged the entire engagement.
  • Grand Crusader - Keep heat level in mind when enemies are near and completely disregard heat level when enemy units are far.
  • Grand Titan - Choose battles moving away from engagements to more favorable engagements seems to be the order. Ranged combat is not favorable.


I know the simple introduction story means nothing, but some like it and that is why I added it. In a way this would be a cool story line to run in a small RPG campaign. It would be interesting and down right fun to see how players work their way to a world, into the minds of it's people, finally staging a mass extraction.

Both Dan and I feel this game could use a rematch. Knowing the building rules better they might have helped some battlemechs gain better LOS. Dan's use of the No-Dachi was an odd one, but I doubt it will have a repeat usage unless it is in much more favorable odds. If you examine the use as a first time using the battlemech you will understand the frustration along the way. I think towards the end he was getting he hang of the battlemech's heat curve in order to activate the TSMs, but at that point it might have been to late. A rematch would definitely see far better use of the No-Dachi and the Mauler. The Akuma was great and the Flashman just needs to "flashbulb" more.

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