Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Along Came a Gundam

While out browsing around various locales I came across a shop were I noticed a sealed Gundam kit sitting on a shelf in a corner. I have recently been intrigued about one of these kits through the remarks of a friend who builds them for recreation. I have never watched any Gundam episode or movies and I can't say I am a fan, but I am a fan of mecha and robotics in general. The kit I found was new with good starting price point and looked cool so I bought it.

This is what I bought.

When I opened the box I found a large amount of different colored plastic sprues as well as some clear plastic sprues. Every sprue and part was labeled and easy to identify. Examining the instructions, I felt they were easy to follow and understand. I noticed there was no need for glue and a friend confirmed this. I did a lot of research into building these types of models and discovered there is a huge amount of science on how to go about building them. Even more there is a massive amount of different kits and sizes.

To make things easy I am going to just assemble this gundam kit as is adding panel lining as well. I am in no rush to build this in one sitting. I plan to take my time enjoying building different sections at a time.

I have all of the necessary tools minus some recommended high grade sand paper. Speaking of high grade sand paper it is some expensive stuff and not the easiest to find. I purchased a pack of different high grade sand papers from Hobby Lobby. I recall these kits are were I was introduced to the idea of adding panel lining to my Robotech RPG Tactics miniatures. For the panel lining I have micron pens to do the job, but I really wanted to try using the branded Gundam markers. There is a Gundam marker basic set which has five markers plus one fine tip for panel lining. After some questions and considerations I skipped on the marker set in favor of more fine tip panel lining options.

I found a store online where I was able to purchase all three different colored fine tip Gundam markers consisting of a black, dark grey, and brown colors. I also found a useful Gundam Marker eraser as well. I actually ordered two of each marker as one set was destine to be a return gift for a friend. I found out by chance he did not poses any of these markers and they turned out to be a great gift for him.

I have started working on the kit and currently I have the body, left leg, and left foot built. I am truly amazed on the plastic grade and articulation of the models which only drive my interest in gundam kits further.

If I were to build another Gundam kit I kind of have an interest in the MS-06R-1A ZAKU II HIGH MOBILITY TYPE. Even though I have no idea if it connected in anyway to the first one I am building. Their are a ton of kits so I bet the majority say who cares it is another kit to build.

I know I have been slow on updates lately, but I do have plans for some much needed battletech posts coming soon.


  1. They are connected story wise. Both the gouf you are building and the Zaku mentioned are part of the Zeon forces from the original series. Sadly, the 1R Zaku is relegated to side stories.

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