Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Landraider Crusader WIP Part 2

Here is a progress update from Part 1

I wanted to show everything post Part 1 with some black washes applied to the metal parts and some cleanup paint applied to the hull along with all the new painted portions.

First up since I forgot it last time is the glorious Engine block.

Engine Block

The engine block is always the pride and joy of the interior for me. I originally was going to go for a red mechanicus symbol and decided against it. To not compete with the purity seals, I went with the previously used black/white as it stands out better as an over all seal. I might paint to more buttons perhaps, but otherwise it looks good. The black wash went well, not sure on the main engine block though as it is an easy fix.

The green pipes I am also cooking an idea on how to show a light see through black pipe look. I am thinking of apply very light black paint or wash on the sides and working to the middle slightly and then start from the middle and working to the side. I may have to test the idea. The pipes are fine as is and a mess up can ruin it.

Mechanicus Approved?

Computer Panel

The Computer panel I am glad how it has turned out so far. It is done unless I do anything else to it. The only thing I would do and I have had encouragement to do is the screens. White dot them or even apply some scorpion green to the upper portions perhaps.

One idea I have thought about is the design of the interface. A Land Raider carries a full ten marine squad or a full five terminators and in the case of a Crusader more than ten marines or more than five terminators. I consider the nine screen on the right side of the panel are separate from the two screens on the left for a reason. The two panels on the left are for command communications and the nine panels on the right are for squad members. If I was a damn good painter i won't paint miniature helmets or HUDs on each panel.

The HUD idea I think I can acomplish. Dots in the lower corner for ammo and so forth. I'm going to have to watch Aliens again. :) Lines in upper corner for health. I went looking through my stuff last night for a Blood Angels transfer sheet and could not find a single sheet. Maybe I can use yellow skull/wings for command and normal black skull/wings for troops. Question is which of the two screens to the left is the squad leader? I would say the top left is the squad leader. Even if a commander is riding within or part of the deployed squad he would have access to the left screen which is turned slightly to whomever is watching the panel. The rest of the screens are for checking on the deployed squad. The large radar type screen is for position.

Gotta love the shinny mirror!

Left Side Hull

The left side hull is almost done. It still needs to have the blue light painting on the top of the steel pipe, a small black wash on the seats, and maybe something done to the screens. I am so afraid of messing it up at least I can try a white dot or something.

If I can find them I want to add a set of special weapons to the weapons rack. Plastic melta and plasma are expensive to purchase, but I think I have a spare flamer which will look cool on it. Time to pay the Ork toll and dive into Masta Cheefs bitz bin of doom.

Right Side Hull

The right side hull is almost done. I need to paint the candle fire and the left and right arrow buttons on the panel next to the door. I figure I will have a green "open" button, an orange "close" button, and a red "stop" button. Also a simple black wash against the seats.

I have noticed in the picture you can't really see the difference from the bone spray cleaned up with the bone paint. Makes me happy.

In between painting the various pieces I am assembling the Hurricane Bolters which are a big pain and don't let me mention the metal Multi Melta which will be a nightmare.

My goal of having this assembled in in sight. I need to come to a perfection decision on red spray paint, figure out an ink recipe for my part. The weather need to stop being so stupid as wind completely halts spray paint operations.

Either way I am a happy camper for the meantime.

Halo 4 releases November 6th!

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