Monday, October 15, 2012

Lego for life!

Lego Minifigures Series 8

Besides my love for Battletech and 40K I have a bigger love for collecting Legos which predates any of my days of table top games by at least a decade. Before I started 40K I have a large Lego collection and throughout the years I amassed a large collection. When I was dating my wife, my love for Legos rubbed off and we both collect them now. In fact I am using a software to help us get a near count by set pieces and I am at about 46 thousand pieces of Legos.

Saturday while out running errands near the local mall I decided to have a quick run by Toys R US which to me is still fun to go no matter what age you are. Usually I check out all the new Lego sets and look for an interesting Transformers to add to my collection. I came across a custom storage case for Lego's minifigure series 8 line. Bonus!

My daughter lost the Space alien gun. :(
Duplicate I want.

With the price at $3.99 I couldn't pass it up. The storage case has a big picture of all 16 Series 8 minifigures along with three separate sorting bins. I had a big smile when I found this and I also picked up three more minifigure packs. When I opened the packs I scored two new unique minifigures getting my total for Series 8 to eight unique minifigures and one duplicate minifigure.

Lego Heroica

My wife happened to spot a great find as well. Sometime last year Lego released their version of a light fast paced dungeon crawler game called Heroica. I immediately bought into the game upon release picking up the  large set called Castle Fortaan and one of the medium sized sets called Waldurk Forest. The cool thing about Heroica is you can use as little as one set up to all of the sets to run a game. Anyway a little after Heroica's release date a large storage case was released to hold all the contents for the first four adventures. The price point dictated me not purchasing it, but my wife found it on clearance for $14.99. Bonus 2.0!

The case includes a large foldout map and a plastic storage bins made to fit all the pieces from the first four sets. I was smiling again.

Last but not least I picked up a new Heroica set called Ilrion which I thought was part of the original four sets. To my amazement it is part of the 2012 Heroica set line which increases the total amount of Heroica sets to six. Plus since I spent $19.99 I also received a free Lego Hobbit poster. Bonus 3.0! 

My daughter thinks it will look good up in the computer room where all our game stuff is stored, but she thinks it might be moved to her room. Bonus 3.0 minus 1.0 still equals Bonus 2.0!

Sometime this week I will have a great Battletech battle report post  ready for your reading enjoyment so I'll see you next post. 

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