Friday, October 26, 2012

Landraider Crusader WIP Part 1

Here is an update of the interior of my Blood Angel's Land Raider Crusader I am painting.

Recently I have been in a good mood and willing to pick up my brush and paint this vehicle some more plus I feel a drive to finish it. I have joined a forums based paint per points challenge so this might be the driving force, but for the most part it is working for me. I think what helps the most is feedback and questions answered, especially for me because I can really get stuck on decisions a lot.

I found myself wanting to paint my previous Land Raider one night and I did. Don't get to excited as I was just painting a lot of black, but i painted a lot of black so this is progress. It would be nice to see both my Land Raider fully assembled and painted for once. The Crusader has only been in the box for about 10 years now, lol.

Left hull interior

The left hull interior piece I feel is coming along well. I am still debating upon painting the upper portion of the seats a leather color. I know it sounds silly, but then again all the metal armor sliding around on metal seats sounds silly. The screen I will probably keep a plain green. Me and designs are not their yet to be honest. The yellow light I have been able to work a bit better as well. The metal valves I am thinking about using a light blue wash to give them kind of a blue steel glow. Finally there is the clean up and touch up and its done.

Right hull interior

The right hull piece is at the same level as the left. Only the small debatable decisions and painting the buttons towards the entrance. I also need to paint the tips of the candles. The silver mirror in between the candles is really shinny so kind of throws off the eyes a bit.

Control panel

The control panel I am pleased with and all the smaller buttons are what is left. The screens look better than my last Land Raider I painted. I used a different green first and then applied the current color. I have also applied a glaze as well. The top two small  screens to the left of the largest screen I messed up a bit including the middle, but I like how they are now as it gives a more older and perhaps broken screen feel.

Engine block

I forgot to take a picture of the engine block.

Please check back later for the engine block.

My goal is to finish all of the interior pieces and assemble the main hull together within the next few weeks at most. I feel I can achieve this goal easily.

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  1. Reminds me of when I feel the need to paint the interior cockpit details of my sentinels, even though you can't see them.

    I really need to get to work on my landraider as well...