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Battle Report - Dark Angels versus Tyranids 3000 Pts

Last Saturday I was originally going to leave very early for a two hour drive to attend a board game event, but the early snow scared me off. I recovered and decided to go to the normal local game night ordeal. In preparation my Blood Angels needed a new list because most of the heavy support choices are either being paint stripped or being painted. I also decided to bring my Tyranids out of hiding and made two very similar lists for my Tyranid army. I showed up with two armies to game with.

When I finally arrived I saw one game being setup, another game in preparation and one player still waiting for a game. There was also another player I met in the parking lot who arriving at the same time as me and to my amazement he had a Tyranid army. Eventually I suggested to the waiting player if he could up his forces to a points level to 3,000 so the other Tyranid player and I could join against him. This gets a game started and no one left waiting for a game. The waiting player had Dark Angels and he had no issues being able to up his forces, new Dark Angels codex and more points I could hear the cash register sound. :) This idea worked perfectly as I got to game with two new players and I got to use my Tyranids again in the new six edition environment with a fellow Tyranid player.

Proceed past the break to read this large battle report.

Battle Forces

Bob and his Dark Angels

Commander in Terminator Armor and retinue in Terminator Armor w/ Apothecary in Terminator Armor
Transported in Land Raider Crusader w/ Multi-Melta
Terminator Squad with big Flails - Teleported in Turn 2
Terminator Squad - Teleported in Turn 2
Another Terminator Squad - Teleported in Turn 2
And another Terminator Squad - Teleported in Turn 2
Tactical Squad w/ Plasma goodness
Anoter Tactical Squad w/ Plasma goodness
And another Tactical Squad w/ Plasma goodness
More Bikes
Dark Angel Landspeeder variant w/ Full upgrades and Low mileage
Dark Talon

No psychic powers, but can't blame him as there was a huge amount of psychic creatures with Shadow of the Warp available to help cause perils of the warp.

Hive Angel and Matt and their combined swarm of Tyranids

Flying Tyrant w/ 2 x TL Devourers and 2  Psychic powers - Warlord
* Traded codex psychic powers for rulebook powers
Flying Tyrant w/ 2 x TL Devourers and 2  Psychic powers
Tyrant w/ 2 x TL Devourers w/ 2 x Tyrant Guard and 2 Psychic powers - Warlord
* Traded codex psychic powers for rulebook powers
** No head and no arms ;)
Tyranid Prime w/ 2 x Boneswords and Deathspitter
* Leads the Carnifex around on a leash
Doom of Malan'tai w/ Spore Pod - Deep strike
2 x Zoanthropes
2 x Zoanthropes
2 x Hive Guard - Actual models being paint stripped so ...
** Proxied by 2 x Biovores w/ one missing its head ;P
Tervigon w/ 4 Psychic powers
* Traded codex psychic powers for rulebook powers
Termagants w/ Devourers
Tervigon w/ Catalyst
* Traded codex psychic powers for rulebook powers
** Proxied by a 3rd edition Smiley-fex
10 x Termagants
Carnifex w/ 2x TL Devourers
2 x Mawloc
Trygon Prime

Battle Deployment

The game was relic which Bob did not seem to pleased, but he provided a beer cap as the relic as Tyranids like shiny gubbinz.

Both armies deployed up to 24 inches on the short table ends and Bob and his Dark Angel's got to go first.

Battle Report

Turn 1

Dark Angels


The Dark Angels moved towards the objective as a large Tyranid swarm approached from the end of a ridge in the distance.


Dark Angel shooting was light against some Termagants on the left flank and medium on the right flank with the removal of 9 Termagants.



The Tervigon on the left flank spawned twelve new Termagants while the Tervigon on the right flank spawned slightly less Termagants and encountered a spawning problem. the Hive Mind ordered both of her Mawlocs to burrow into the ground and tunnel in separate towards the enemy's flanks.

The Hive Mind ordered all synapse creatures to drive the swarm towards the enemy lines who were advancing towards their objective.


The Hive Mind was well aware the majority of all Tyranid firepower was out of effective range. The Hive Mind was aware of an Imperial Dark Talon threatening the air dominance of her flying Hive Tyrants through the minds of the swarm. The Hive Mind ordered the synapse creatures to unleash salvos of Brainleech Worms upon the Imperial annoyance. The Dark Talon thanks to its flying defense survived unscathed from a massive 24 Brainleech Worm salvos from the Tyrants and 12 Bio-Electric Pulse arcs from the Trygon.

Turn 2

Terminators Ready!
Beginning of Turn 2

Dark Angels


The Dark Angels commander saw the Tyranid swarm approaching fast and growing larger by the minute. He called upon his Terminator squads to teleport down upon the strike force's position using the active locator beacons for maximum accuracy.

The Dark Angels movement was scarce to keep most of the line in sync with the newly arrived Terminator Squads. The Bike squads advanced slightly along with the Crusader. The Dark Talon switched to hover mode.


The Dark Angels on the left flank shot one of the Tyrants from the sky and eliminated it while the monster was wounded. A few more Termagants were killed on both flank along with wounding the front Tyrant Guard protecting the Hive Tyrant on the right flank still unscathed due to its Iron Arm psychic ability.

Dark Angels are awarded First Blood!
Dark Angels are awarded Slay the Warlord!



The Tervigon on the left flank spawned eight new Termagants.

The Hive Mind pleased at the Tervigon's internal strength the signaled Hive Ships above released a spore pod straight into the Dark Angel's middle line releasing the Doom of Malan'tai. The Hive Mind also called upon both of her Mawlocs to surface and cause devastation upon the Dark Angels in support of the approaching swarm.

The Mawloc on the right flank upon surfacing kill two Terminators.

The Mawloc on the left flank upon surfacing kill an entire Bike Squad.


Focus on the troops in this image for a moment.

One can only imagine the following conversation was happening as the troops observe the approaching swarm.

The sound of large thuds and cracking are heard in the distance as a Tyranid Mawloc bursts from the ground tossing mighty stubborn Terminators into the air.

'Tactical Marine Sergeant'
"You ever see that film"
"Gunfight at the O.K. Corral?" 

 'Tactical Marines
"With Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas?"
"No, why?"  

A Tyranid Mawloc bursts from the ground towering above them in height and full of rage tossing the nearby Bike Squadron into the air. 

'Tactical Marine Sergeant'
"Looks like we're right in the middle of it." 

'Tactical Marines'
"Is that good?" 

A Tyranid Spore Pod slams into the earth bursting open to reveal the deadly cargo, Doom of Malan'tai which begins charging its psychic energy.

'Tactical Marine Sergeant'   
"A lot ... of ... people died."


The Doom of Malan'tai's spirit leech left the Tactical Squad in front unscathed,  the Tactical Squad to the right slightly damaged and the Terminator Squad behind in ruins by siphoning the spirits from four of them.

This is the extent of the devastation Doom and both Mawlocs were causing the Dark Angels prior to Doom's super giant anime attack blast!

Doom and Mwloc having a field day.

The Hive Mind ordered the Hive Tyrant on the left flank along with the Tyrant Prime with his Carnifex on a leash and as many Termagants within range to fire upon the lone Terminator killing him.

The left flank cleans up before Doom attacks.

The Hive Mind instructed the Doom of Malan'tai to unleash some of its freshly captured soul essence and unleash it upon the exposed enemy Tactical Squad outright killing five marines.

Doom still having a field day.

The Hive Mind orders the last surviving flying Hive Tyrant and the Trygon into combat. The Tyranids assault the Dark Angels first. The Hive Tyrant does minimal damage to the defending Terminators, but the Trygon completely annihilates the other Bike Squadron.

Tyranids assault the Dark Angels.
End of Turn 2

The Hive Mind completely ignored the shooting ability of the Hive Guard which would have most likely presented a serious threat to the vulnerable hovering Dark talon.

Turn 3

Dark Angels


The Dark Talon remained in hover mode and switched position behind the Trygon. The Crusader unloads the Command squad contained within and turned towards the right flank to help deal with Doom and the Mawloc. The Tactical Squad in front of Doom stood fast to fire full effect while the Tactical Squad to the right of Doom moved towards the objective. The Tactical Squad to the left of Doom changed formation and prepared to shoot and assault Doom if necessary.


The Doom of Malan'tai's spirit leech overpowered the tactical Squad moving towards the relic and siphoned the souls of six of its members. Despite the severe reduction in strength, the Sergeant led the way through the mind madness to the objective. The Tactical Squad in front lost a few marines along with their sergeant.

The Command Squad shoots the flying Hive Tyrant and prepares for an assault.

The Crusader and Terminator assets near the flying Hive Tyrant shot at the approaching termagant brood and wiped most of them out. The brood size although small could still enter the objective area. The  brood of Termigaunts with devourers were to large to make a significant dent to their numbers.

Dark Angel's combined firepower helped remove Doom's presence and wound the Mawloc on the right flank. The Landspeeder's crew tried to wound the Hive Tyrant approaching the right flank in hopes to lesson the synapse power on the lesser Tyranid creatures. A non-wounded Tyrant Guard was killed through plasma wound leaving the Hive Tyrant still unscathed due to its Iron Arm psychic ability. A Zoanthrope was wounded as well.

The Dark Angels in turn assault what Tyranid units they could and brought down the remaining flying Hive Tyrant and the Mawloc on the left flank. The Dark Talon now had air superiority.

Dark Angels's eliminate Doom and assault the Tyranids.



The Tervigon on the left flank spawned eight new Termagants and encountered a spawning problem.

The Trygon moved for the smaller Terminator group in the left flank. The Hive Mind broke her swarms into two smaller yet powerful swarms.

On the right flank the Hive Mind drove the lead Tervigon which drove the Termagaunts to the remnants of the Dark Angel Command Squad accompanied by Zoanthropes and the Tyranid Prime with his Carnifex on a leash.

On the Left flank the Hive Mind drove the challenged Hive Tyrant towards the left entrance of the objective area. The Hive Tyrant was accompanied by his Termagaunts, his Tyrant Guard, Zoanthropes.

The other Tervigon brought up the rear to provide emergency synapse coverage.


The Hive Mind angered by the killing of both her Hive Tyrants signaled the Hive Guard to fire at the metal contraption polluting her Gargoyle choked skies. The Hive Guard's superior bio weaponry destroyed the Dark Talon in a violent explosion. Only gargoyles shall rule the skies of this pitiful world.

The Trygon used its Bio Electric Pulse arcs to no effect against the Terminators.

The left flank swarm was ineffective against the Command Squad's age old Terminator armor.

In the middle the remaining Mawloc assaulted the rear Tactical Squad. The Hive Mind's chance to bless the Mawloc earlier with Fell No Pain failed, however the additional power was not needed.

The right flank a hail of Brainleech Worm salvos and Termagant weaponry spelled doom to the last remaining members of the Tactical Squad. The Zoanthropes were able to destroy the Landspeeder's assault cannon.

The Tyranid swarm had successively collapsed the Dark Angel's left flank.

The Trygon finished by assaulting the small Terminator group killing two of them while suffering wounds in return.

Dark Angels right flank collapses.
End of Turn 3

Turn 4

Dark Angels


The Crusader turned left to place more firepower upon the approaching Termagaunt swarm. The Command Squad moved away to the middle. The Tactical Squad nearest the objective moved to claim the objective.

With the left flank fully collapsed, the Landspeeder moved to a covered position in hopes to bring some more plasma to the approaching Hive Tyrant.


The Dark Angels were not running out of targets to shoot at, but were running out of units to shoot with. All available firepower was poured into the swarm on the left flank which was not lessening any bit in strength or fury.

The Landspeeder poured more plasma into the swarm on the right flank with the Hive Tyrant will little effect to stay it. The Hive Tyrant was finally wounded.

With the intervention of the Terminator Flail Boyz, The Trygon was finally put down as well, but not without the monster slicing one of them to ribbons.

The Dark Angels are perilous to stock the approaching swarm on their right flank.



The Hive Mind sent the entire right swarm to swarm the objective area while applying pressure to the remaining surviving Terminator units. The Zoanthropes were to fire upon the Crusader.

The Hive Mind send the entire left swarm to remove any remaining resistance on the left flank and in the center. The Hive Tyrant received was to advanced towards the Command Squad. The Tyrant was to also drives the brood of Termagants in front and to the left towards the Mawloc's position to overwhelm and eliminate the Tactical Squad. The Tervigon was to advanced with the remaining Termagant broods to swarm the objective area and eliminate the other Tactical Squad. The Zoanthropes were to fire upon the Landspeeder.


The Zoanthropes on the right flank stopped and focused their psychic energy and fired powerful Warp lances at the Crusader. The crew of the Crusader felt sudden overall heat while an area of the hull began to melt from the outside in vaporizing the crew and the Crusader's insides causing a massive explosion.

Combined firepower towards the Terminator Flail Boyz causing one of their numbers to fall. A swarm of Termagunts flooded the objective area showering the surrounded Tactical Marines in worms. Only one was able to withstand the horrendous firepower and the sanity of his fellow brothers driven mad by worms.

The Zoanthropes on the left flank stopped and focused their psychic energy and fired Warp Blasts at the Landspeeder. The Landspeeder's crew felt the blows and then watched the vehicle's hull buckle as they felt the final explosion rip it and them apart.

The Hive Tyrant on the left flank gave the Hive Mind its eyes through synapse control and fire salvo of Brainleech Worms at the Dark Angels Commander and his remaining retinue member. The Hive Mind was ever so pleased at the effectiveness of its bio weaponry by watching the Commander and his brother Marine fall to their knees. The Marines were left in agony screaming as worms borrowed through their armor, chewed into their skin, and ate their way to their thoughts driving them mad.

Tyranids are awarded Slay the Warlord!

One brood of Termagants assaulted the Tactical Squad fighting the Mawloc. The Termagants helped by adding fuel to the fire by dying for the Hive Mind in support of releasing the Mawloc.

All flanks collapsed all hope is on holding the objective.

Game over man, game over!

Turn 5

Dark Angels


The remaining Terminators moved to the objective in hopes to slaughter as many Termagants as possible and buy the lone marine as much time as possible.


Too late for a gun fight now.

The remaining Terminators assaulted the Termagants swarming the objective. The Terminators killed a good amount, but not enough to cause the swarm to subside.

Dark Angels final assault.



All Tyranid units were directed to the objective area.  The Hive Mind directed the Zoanthropes and the Hive Guard were to stay back and eliminate the lone Terminator.


A small amount of shooting went towards the lone Terminator whose age old armor repelled it enough so he could meet the Tyranids in combat.

The Mawloc received additional Termagant support which overwhelmed the Tactical Squad for good and released Mawloc and the Termagants to the synapse creatures and the Hive Mind's will.

The remaining Hive Tyrant drove all the Termagants around it into frenzy which ripped the last Tactical Marine to shreds, leaving the objective down in the mud.

The Tyranid Prime moved upon the remaining Terminators. One Terminator fell the the clutches of the nearby Tervigon and her Termagants. The Tyranid Prime stuck the last Terminator with a Bonesword slicing through his armor with ease, but was stopped by an unnamed ability. The Terminator thinking he was safe was wrong. The Tyranid Prime pulled on his attached Carnifex's leash and it left up in the air and came down to stop upon the Terminator and chew and crush him to bits.

Tyranid are awarded Line Breaker!

End of Turn 5

End Game

With one remaining Terminator about to succumb to the might of the Tyranid Swarm and the age old relic lost to the swarm along with the planet itself.

Victory Points

Dark Angels

First Blood = 1 Victory Point
Slay the Warlord = 1 Victory Point
Warlord Trait Special = 1 Victory Point

Total = 3 Victory Points


Slay the Warlord = 1 Victory Point
Line Breaker = 1 Victory Point

Total = 1 Victory Point

Dark Angels achieve a victory, but with a heavy heart have lost a timeless aged relic of Dark Angel's history.

Final Thoughts

Bob was an excellent player and was the perfect example of how to show a new army to a new player. I look forward to him visiting our group again for some more 40K. I like his army style, stock of Marines, side of vehicles, splash of extras, and a shitload of Terminators.
Matt was a great player as well and he serves the Hive Mind well with Tyranids as his main army.

* The game went great and for once I wasn't removing large amounts of models or single models without them doing anything during the battle. Except for the Bike Squadrons every unit on both side took casualties, wounds, hull points and damage before being removed.
* The Dark Angel' had a disadvantage of most weapon ranges were maxed at 24 inches and a few heavy weapons at 36 inches.
* Doom was awesome, but he is not perfect. Bob had amassed his troops together which made Doom's job easier and Bob's severe leadership failures made Doom go crazy. The looks poor Bob gave were priceless. I bet he took great pleasure in sending Doom back to the Hive Mind once more.
* Bob had faced a Nidzilla swarm, but in all their was a good mix of units and only the most suck ass units were missing. Sorry Pyrovores, no love for you. Bob might have fared better he could have brought down the Tervigons, but all the T6 and other synapse creatures he was just overwhelmed. However he made the Tyranid swarm pay for every Marine life taken.
* Matt was a good listener when I offered tactics and a great tactician when we decided where to move certain critical units.
* I constantly preached to concentrate on the Dark Angels scoring units and the rest would flock to their aid or be annihilated.

I still want to add new models for my Tyranids, mainly a new Tyrant or two, a Tervigon, and a few other things, but since it costs a gazillion dollars I am spending my time painting as much of my Blood Angels and the Tyranids to justify the new costs.

One final odd note. I left the game store after 11:00 pm and had to assist local authorities in removing a drunk driver of the highway. Stay safe after leaving your game late.


  1. "Focus on the troops in this image for a moment."

    Is that a pun, as that photo is out of focus?

    You assisted in removing a drunk from the road? Huh?

  2. Not a pun. The picture was cut from one of the other pictures so it caused the bad focusing. You will have to figure out where I got it from as always.

    I was on the phone with the authorities following a drunk on the way home till he could be nabbed. Out of state and all over the place, whoever it was didn't belong on the road.

  3. Wow, that was a NASTY game.

    You might want to edit the total VPs for the Nids BTW... ;)