Tuesday, March 19, 2013

WIP Devastator Squad and other upcoming units.

Send The First Squad To Help!

Here is how the Devastator Squad appears as of now.

I have moved past using black paint to painting the metal portions and the parchment/purity seals. I initially used black and then a metal dry brush over vents and coils, but dry brushing causes a lot of extra clean up. With some consulting I have moved to painting those areas with metal on top of black and then applying a black wash and then a second black wash.

Here is the sergeants pack. The picture might not be able to give the full detail of the vents yet.

I have done the coils on the missile launchers. I am deciding how to go about painting the missile launchers themselves, but once I have an idea they should be no trouble.

Here is proof the other half of the Devastator Squad has made it into production. I have the heads being painting separating along with the bolters which both are part of the post painting assembly. I have tried pinning heads to paint them and it has not been all to helpful so my next idea it to glue the heads to some scrap sprue and hope they hold while painting. Another noticeable detail is the ink wash is heavier than the first half of the Devastator Squad, but I like it and can easily apply it to the first half if needed. Ideally these Marines do not need heads or weapons, but visually they say adding them is a better overall gaming experience. What do they know anyway.

Squad portrait day.

Everyone knows the bolter Marines are cannon fodder and even the Sergeant eventually is as well. Eventually I need to come to an agreement upon base flock. I used plain green paint and green flock, but I would like to move to something better. I think urban might be better as my Tyranids have a foliage flock base scheme.

I have slowed down a bit in painting, but it was for good reason as I was prepping other models in the background for their initial prime stage.

Send The Second Squad To Help.

Why send three squads when you can send three priests?

Why send three priests when you can send three priests with jump packs?

By land, air, or transport, you can send three magnetized priests as one elites choice.

Magnetizing the priests was a bit of a challenge. The back of the chest armor of a plastic model is easy to drill out, but the metal model is much more difficult. The drills slipped and tore the edges away on all of them a little. The fact the tear is between the armor and the pack, no one should care or notice. The metal models with the metal packs are heavy in their own weight class though.

Send The Third Squad To Help.

For a long time I have wanted to make more Assault Marines and most of all have better assault posses. I can say I want dynamic poses, but how long can I use the world till it becomes like the word pop, lol. I have about 26 Assault Marine models to work with, but for the meantime I only assembled models with the basic bolt pistol and chainsword loadout.

Here is a selection of some new poses for my Assault Marines and a brief explanation of the various poses.

Left - Is focusing with his bolt pistol with his chainsword ready to swing in a wide sweeping angle.
Middle - Is advancing with chainsword raised in challenge.
Right - Slows momentarily to select a new threat to tear apart. The idea of twin chainswords gives the model the extra awesome factor.

Left - Advancing bolt pistol raised while bringing his chainsword up.
Middle - Advancing with chainsword raised with a more menacing look while detaching his bolt pistol from a magnetic grip on his thigh.
Right - Slows momentarily bolt pistol raised in his left hand suppressing the enemy while ready to toss a frag grenade held in his right hand at the suppressed enemy.

I did purchased a new small reinforcement unit for my Blood Angels army and some new large reinforcement units for my Tyranid army. These units should be shown soon enough, until then I have magnets to apply.


  1. Cue headless jokes in one, two, three...


    Seriously, they're looking good!

  2. I was thinking of 'Headless Lamarr' as an homage to the character from Blazing Saddles named Hedley Lamarr.