Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Land Raider Crusader Finished

I still have a small list of minor things to do to it, but nothing major at all. I need to add the searchlight, correct a few paint mistakes on the exterior and the interior. The interior has to made till a matching dropper bottle color is off back order at a local retailer. Finally I need to purchase a new foam tray to protect it during future storage and transport. Otherwise this tank is done and I am happy how it turned out.

Here is the Land Raide Crusader as of now.

You can see the horrible mold on the right Assault Cannon. I really likes how the blue glass sights turned out. I wonder if the smoke launchers stick out in black instead of matching the metal pieces.

The front lower right portion of the hull near the treads is the only real area which needs a minor paint touch up. The cupola has some, but I don't think they matter much to most eyes.

Bless the brass and glue holding metal to plastic.

The screen on the Multi-Melta shield is kind of messed up paint wise. I figure it either works or may no longer work anymore as the machine spirit tends to fire it most of the time.

Eventually I will tackle my other Land Raider in the same fashion, but it should paint up much faster. Currently it is in the last stages of paint stripping. Older Citadel spray paint apparently is VERY difficult to remove right along with cheap auto spray paint. However I experimented with Super Clean in the purple bottle and it works great. Super Clean compared to simple green it is ten times better and doesn't hurt plastic. I might do a visual documentary on how good it works in the future.

Next in line is my Devastator squad.

Sergeant Sir Point to nothing useful and his Marines of Martial Art Mastery.

Damn that is one sweet Auspex Signum!.
One interesting fact is I have not used a single drop of Citadel paint products on them yet. All of the Missile Launchers are pinned either to the chest or to the launcher itself. Yes the two Marines on the left will have heads. Like the ink I use on the red spray paint I believe I have found a suitable ink to use on the blue paint.

With the help of a collection of ideas, opinions, and thoughts from outside sources I have decided to assemble and paint the other half of the Devastator squad. By the end of the month I will have a full Devastator squad. Yes they will all have heads.

On the side I have added a few more magnets to my Baal Predator for even more versatility. I am also in the process or rebuilding, rearming, and reposing my Assault Squads. There will more new stuff to show very soon.


  1. I have finally broke the curse of having only WIP stuff on my blog.

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