Monday, May 20, 2013

The last twelve hours approaches.

The last twelve hours of Palladiun Game's Robotech Kickstarter approaches.

I admit it, this Kickstarter project has had me watching it ever since it started. It was funded in a few hours and yesterday it crossed the 1 million mark. I have always liked the Robotech saga and the models are really great looking capturing the feel of the original series.

Here is a link to the Robotech Kickstarter

I originally pledged for the Battle Cry level which gives the base game along with some additional models and an art print also all the bonus unlocks. I eventually upgraded my pledge to the Showdown level which gives me two of everything Battle Cry offers. In the long run this allows me to play a new game and to play the game with both forces easily.

Right now my Showdown pledge gives me 180 models, which 128 models are playable as is and 52 models are playable Veritech Valkyrie variants. My math my be a bit off, but this is huge amount of models to get for a $260 pledge. This gives me a generous offering of both UEDF and Zentraedi forces.

The extra faction dice, templates, decals, unit cards, and most recently the command tokens are all gravy and there is a ton of gravy in this boat. :)

Here is what I am getting for my $260 pledge so far. Since the KS is still going and in its last crazy pledge level ending hours there is potential for more add-ons and bonus unlocks.

Image borrowed from KS to help promote the last hours of this great Kickstarter project.

The long wait till December will be tough, but this will give me plenty of time to keep my painting progress focused on my Blood Angels.

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  1. Thank god its over! There's so many updates filling my email all day long I'm ready to dump this KS into the SPAM folder.