Friday, May 3, 2013

WIP Baal Predator

My intention was to finish painting this vehicle before the end of April, but some early weather issues and a slight slow period robbed me of the goal. With luck I might be able to finish it in a few days or a week, but I am not going to press progress to much. If all else fails I will get this vehicle finished in time and definitely by the end of May.

I remember when I first purchased this tank and it sat for a small amount of time. I wanted to magnetize as much of the tank options as possible. In this I was successful and actually used a total of 23 magnets of various sizes within the many components. I used some hints and tips from the internet and some are of my own design, but I feel I can do the same process again. In some ways I wouldn't mind excepting commission to do this again for someone who needs it done.
For the longest time this tank has been moving around the battlefield with no tracks, no side weapons, and no paint so the goal was to get the tank assembled, out of the box, painted on the table.

Here is what the Baal Predator looks like so far.

Please keep in mind there are areas which will are not completed and some areas which will require cleanup. I don't intend to highlight much or weather the vehicle. The whole highlight and especially the weathered look has become all to common and expected and in some cases used too much. The subject of highlighting has crossed my mind, but the use of orange looks odd to me and begins to turn the model a little like a cartoon character. I paint my vehicle factory finish in most cases and I like this approach.

Front hull

The light is shining heavily on the tracks and they look better from the side.

Left side hull

The gold on the turret blood drop and the gun shield blood drops all have a new gold color recipe. I used a series gold wash and drybrush over a silver wash. It does look good, but I have not compared it to the gold on my Land Raider Crusader. I noticed I didn't get a picture of the Heavy Bolter ammunition bins.

Right side hull

The gun shield wing needs more work.

Turret with Assault Cannon

I used a new color scheme approach to painting the ammunition, but for the most part I think it looks good. I am wondering if a bright brass is better than a dull brass color. The bright brass might look better against the overall bright red color scheme.
The white wing color has not been painting nice. I know it needs a wash and the usual Badab Black is failing to achieve perfection. I might need to get some raw black ink instead. I get the feeling once a pot of GW wash passes the mid point the wash begins to deteriorate.

The cupola has not been glued in place.

Turret with Flamestorm Cannon

Jolly Good Show!

I am interested in painting the tip of the Flamestorm Cannon and the Heavy Flamers some sort of brass color instead of metal for the scorched look of use. I have to do more research for a paint recipe if I can find one. This brass theory kind of makes the weapon weathered and this is fine for me. I don't care to make the vehicle weathered, but rather shining with glory for the emperor. I am also all to happy to apply a new weathering powder if there is one.

I keep seeing a space ship when i hold this turret configuration.

I see more spaceship.

We Break For Nobody

Front with normal side access points.

Using the Flamestorm Cannon only keeps the Baal Predator cheap, fast, and a dangerous suicide unit. I have  used this configuration once, but it was during the older 5th edition rules where being glance/stunned sucked. I have the side Heavy Flamers for use as well, but the ability to use all the flamers is debatable.

Jolly Good Show!

Side with normal side access points.

The Baal Predator is a valuable unit for my Blood Angels army and sometimes its abilities warrants another in the inventory. The main configuration I always use gives the army a good edge and fire base. Lately I have thought to purchase the Strombolter for the vehicle. Within 24 inches the vehicle would be able to increase the overall firepower from 10 shots to 12 shots. The 12 shots consist of 4 twin-linked Str 6 shots, 6 Str 5 shots, and 2 Str 4 shots. Even without the Stormbolter the Baal Predator is a murder machine on tracks. Coupled with a complement of Landspeeders with dual Heavy Bolters I guess I am running a Heavy Bolter circus list, lol.

Looking into the future as the Baal Predator is eventually completed I am most likely going to tackle assembling and painting a full assault squad or two. This like the approach to the Baal Predator is to get the models assembled and out of a box of bits of unfinished models. This goal is becoming more of a reality with my recent large purchase of close combat bits.