Monday, May 6, 2013

WIP Reinforcements!


Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard!

A while ago I purchased a box of Sanguinary Guard for my Blood Angels. I like the unit history and the rules and through assembling the models I have come to like them more as well. The models look great and are full of detail also the abundance of head and shoulder pad variety is an added benefit. Some of the shoulder pads are rather large making the Space Marines inside look they are wearing a larger more ancient armor.

I assembled the models with the weapons they came with. According to 6th edition rules the unit has five Angelus Boltguns, five Glaive Encarmines separated to three Sower Swords, two Power Axes. The banner although expensive at 25 points can seriously boost the unit's close combat power to a point of representing another Sanguinary Guard member or two. The banner is held in the hand with an Angelus Bolgun so its kind of necessary whether I use the banner or not to add the fifth Angelus Boltgun.

I have not added any basing material as I thought to add some of the urban bricks and then have the models standing atop the bricks. The models are not really top heavy, but the models with power swords could take some damage and break if they fell in such a way so I think. Ironically the banner is not too top heavy at all. I might leave the models attached to the bases and build up the base as usual. I would rather have the focus point on the model and not so much on the base.

I have attached the jump packs as they won't interfere with painting the rest of the model at all. The wings will have to be glued on later as they will interfere with painting the rest of the model. I left the head off as they will interfere with painting the jump pack vents and I haven't deciding which heads to use. I don't care much for flesh heads when I have a choice as helmets are much cooler. I am liking the death mask variant heads a lot so I may use a mix. When I look at the box, it appears GW magnetized the head of one model as the head changes, but the model does not..

I lightly glued the left arm and not the hand of the models holding their weapons with both hands. This way I can remove the arms to easily paint the chest armor. One last detail is to snip the nips from the chest armor.

Thoughts on model pose?

These three models have been magnetized to serve different roles when needed. Both left and right model have their left arm magnetized to switch the Angelus Boltgun to an Infernus Pistol. The right model also has the right arm magnetized to swap the Power Axe for a Power Fist. The middle model's left arm is also magnetized to swap the banner for something else such as a Plasma Pistol.

The Plasma Pistol arm is missing a hand for now.

Although I will have the option to use two Infernus Pistols in a squad I am reluctant to do so. The big idea is to use the squad as a tank hunting unit with the option to deep strike. I would rather try to use them as a heavy assault squad as just a few of these should do some heavy damage to most units. The deep strike one trick pony tank hunting trick may not be the best interest for me as I have Furisoso Dreadnoughts to annoy opponents with and they do it fine on their own.


Close Combat Bits Galore!

My idea in progress is to create two Assault Squads with some rather bad ass weapon load outs and more dynamic poses. If I can pull it off and magnetize the heads then the squads can easily become a vanguard Squads for even more versatility. A lot of the weapons might just be for looks. The thought of a squad with an Assault Marine toting twin chainswords, or twin power swords, or even twin power axes is pretty sweet. However sometimes looks get pricey money wise as you tend to place cool model on board and then take cool model off the board. Sorry Space Choo Choo, my Furioso Dreadnought sends regards, however Space Choo Choo fought again to live in a different battle.

Tech Priest: So what do you need? Besides a miracle.
Sergeant: Weapons, lots of weapons.
The majority of the upper row of weapons will go to two Assault Squad Sergeants who will have access to use when needed a Combat Shield, Power Sword, Power Axe, or a Power Fist. Since the arms will be magnetized I could use them army wide very easily. The Lightning Claw was for an Assault Sergeant so he could have the choice of a LC or PF, but I needed the opposite arm, lol. The chainswords will be split between the two Assault Squads and the Sanguinary Priests. Some of the Power Swords will be reserved for the Sanguinary Priests as well.

Now time to start drilling new holes for even more magnetic glory to the Omnissiah. I have Assault marines Squads to assemble. With luck they just might have their jump packs attached.


  1. Say whatever you want, my 'space choo choo' as you call will always be a cooler model (which is its only real saving grace)than your dreadnought. ;-p

  2. Always much love for Space Choo Choo!

    Maybe a rematch soon as your horde approach practically swamped the last marine army. Plus add lots of terrain to hide in.

    1. I still need to repair the mast on my mega tank, just been really busy here of late.