Monday, April 22, 2013

Oblivion and My Love for the Post Apocalyptic Theme

Oblivion on the Big Screen

No plot spoiling material ahead.

When I originally viewed the trailer for Oblivion I was hooked and instantly wanted to go see the film. I understood the film had a post apocalyptic theme which is probably why I liked the film much more. I showed my daughter the trailer and she liked the film as well. With all this in mind last Saturday my daughter and I both went to go see Oblivion in the theaters.

Although the film was of a post apocalyptic nature it was a completely different setting and really gave some interesting surprises and twists to my visual amazement. When I say a different setting I mean how the earth is after and how the inhabitants react. The film was fine for my daughter's age as well, no serious unneeded love scenes (although you do get a nice underwater shot of Andrea Riseborough' ass when she is swimming) nor was there any gore at all.

I understood the movie quite well throughout its playing, but there are some things left untold, but I believe I might have missed them or its the writer's way of keeping the mystery alive. I think my daughter got most of the ideas the movie was trying to tell and how the whole plot came together so I am glad she came along. The film has an interesting set of characters and villains or should I say villain? The movie isn't about teaching the wrong doings and be green bullshit so never fear it is new story material altogether.

Some details in the film remind me and come real close to Bungie's new game in development called Destiny. The film is based on an unpublished graphic novel from the writer himself. In a sense this is original material as it gets.

Oblivion is a good movie, so go see it.

The Post Apocalyptic Theme

On the same subject, for some reason I have an attraction to the post apocalyptic themes. I like all sort of material in novels, films, TV series, and even games set in the theme the most recent


My most recent novel All You Need Is Kill was is a thrill ride from start to finish. Another bonus is the book is coming to the big screen in 2014. Tom Cruise who stared in Oblivion will star in All you Need Is Kill as well. Watching a new science fiction film with Tom Cruise in it refreshing from his past science fiction work being Minority Report and War of the Worlds. Minority Report was definitely science fiction and was good for the most parts, but there are some dull parts you would rather avoid. War of the Worlds is science fiction  and a good film as well, but I don't classify it as post apocalyptic either as the alien invasion was brief.


Films are numerous throughout the years. Some are good and some are crap. I think a lot of my film interest is pulled into the aime world as I feel it gets told better sometimes. Movies like Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion (Technically TV, but had two films) still have left trying ti understand certain aspects of their story lines. Appleseed probably is my favorite because of the characters, story line, and the visuals all add up a a superb film all set in the universe I enjoy. There is MD Geist who some love and or hate. The MD Geist has the theme and all of the chaos mixed in to make a good set of films, but towards the end of both films it tends to dwell back into ever repeating madness.


The most recent TV series I watched in full was Star Trek Voyager which I always thought was not very, but my thoughts were changed soon enough. When I finish the series I started watching Outcasts which is a British TV series with a post apocalyptic theme. This series was good in my opinion, but unfortunately it got canceled at the end of the first series due to the more than outdated viewer ratings system. Falling Skied might be the only series running right now besides Revolution. I watched and enjoyed both seasons of Falling Skies so far and am looking forward to the third season this year. Revolution did not hook me, but I willing to give the show another look if I can find it on Netflix or a marathon somewhere. I watch a lot of shows when I paint so Netflix is the perfect way to catch up on old and new shows along with painting.


Bethesta's Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas games which I play on my XBOX360 are both set perfectly in the post apocalyptic American. These games stand out so much as the games place the player in the action and in the story line. Like many others I can sit and play them for hours and hours on end. Funny I play 40K, but I don't treat it as a post apocalyptic themed game as things in the universe no matter how bad they get keep on going. Battletech has a post apocalyptic setting sort of in their 3025 eras when everyone went about nuking the piss out of each other blasting all technology down. Plus there is more past the Jihad setting when they nuked the piss out of everyone again and into the Dark Ages. It does give players an ability to be in the action, but no so much or maybe I have not really tried to do so.

I guess I kind of like the post apocalyptic theme, but I don't really ever wish for it to happen.

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