Thursday, April 18, 2013

Buying new terrain for my pet Hierodules.

This is a bit of abstract humor I thought I would share.

Earlier this week I had a small conversation with my friend Masta Cheef. Initially I asked if he shops at a nearby pet store and if the store was still open for business. He said he occasionally does shop at the pet store and the store is still open for business. I explained I needed new cages for my Hierodules. Amusing enough, Masta Cheef caught the reference and said he wanted pictures of their faces if I ask.

I met my wife at the pet store to check the store's cage designs and hopefully purchase new cages. This was the cage design and setup I had in mind I wanted. The pet store had a different cage design which we ultimately decoded upon purchasing.

The store had two of the cages in stock and they were actually slightly larger models. We ended up taking advantage of the larger size and bought the two cages they had in stock. The store owner gave us $15 off each cage as we were going to order a third as well.

We went home, setup the new cages and transferred three of our Chinchillas to their new cages. These cages are much easier to maintain and give them plenty of room as well. These larger cages will provide all of my Chinchillas with an upgrade from a three story to a six story cage.

Some more humor.

Not more than two days after purchasing the new cages two of my Chinchillas a father and his on to be exact  managed to break out and get loose. I told my wife we had a jail break. My daughter helped me find the two escape artists.

She found the younger Chinchilla (Outlaw) first hiding among the lower contents of my hobby shelf.

She spotted what looked like a Chinchilla and saw one sitting on top of a bag. The same bag contains some of my larger Tyranid models such as my Carnifex and my Trygon models. :)

She found the older Chinchilla (Bandit) last hiding behind the (Damsel) our female Chinchilla's cage. Damsel was Bandit's mate awhile back. I received the cutest pet picture one can receive.

Later on in the evening I think my daughter finally caught on how the whole jail break ordeal went perfectly along with the Wild Wild West name theme we give our Chinchillas. I explained I told her mother earlier there was a jail break, an Outlaw was caught, and a Bandit was caught, all while a Damsel watched. She loled. :)

One day I will have to place some unused 40K models and let one my Chinchillas loose and see how many he can knock down.

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