Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Further Progress Update on Devastator Squad

The Devastator squad is almost finished. I would like to show how they look once more before they receive any final alteration and or cleanup. Plus I have a few concerns I am still trying to resolve.

The Devastator squad

This is the normal squad size I use in most of my games. A lot of times a power sword on a tactical squad Sergeant is useless and I might start investing in adding an additional Marine to the Devastator squad size instead. This squad also received the new base scheme. I like it so far. I have experimented with some grey paints, grey washes, and grey weathering powders. I still need something to help set the crushed rubble from the bricks. I thought Badab Black, but it is too dark. I'll have to see if I can obtain a lighter wash somewhere.

Marine Sergeant

I have not painted flesh in many years, but the painted flesh on the Sergeant's head came out nicely. I haven't painted the eyes yet though. I seem to be out of a very thin brush suitable for painting eyes. Painting eyes uses a smaller brush than lenses in my opinion. I might invest in a superior quality paint brush just for this reason and then clean it and leave it only to use it again for painting eyes. The eye sockets have a light Badab Black wash applied and that was it and I am not sure if this helped any.

Sergeant Sir Point to Nothing Useful

Marines with missile launchers

I retouched the outer lenses of missile launcher sights so I will need to apply a bit of Badab Black. I might also add a very light Badab Black wash to the side of the purity seals throughout the squad to help define them a bit more, but either way they do look nice. I need to practice making inscriptions some day. The bases really give them models contact to the ground and is much better than the previous green.

Heads glued on? Check
Weapons glued on? Check

The other half of the Devastator squad

Marines with bolters

These Marines look bad ass and I think they will look bad ass on the table when I finally use them. The poses I chose although are almost generic look good. The leader in the middle, three firing away, another advancing weapon at the ready. Sadly, hey have no idea or rules on how to pick up their fallen brethren's weapons and finish the fight. This picture shows the eye lenses are lacking a bit. The color of the eye lenses would be the same for red armor, but encased in blue the green color needs a little more to help it show through. I don't want a glow though.

Heads glued on? Check
Weapons glued on? Check

Squad portrait

Damn we look good!

The Army Painter Ultramarine Blue along with the Liquitex Prussian Blue ink really helped the blue helmets match the color intensity of the red armor. I know they look shiny  but this is because of the ink and the nature of the color intensity I want. The most important fact in the models never fail to stand out in a picture and this I like. :)

I am so glad this squad is done. It is beyond annoying when ole boys missile launcher falls off during the fight or ole boy can't doesn't have the strength to raise his missile launcher to the enemy. One thing is the squad was famous for taking down enemy units having no heads and no weapons. Hopefully with a complete removal from the battlefield while being painted and a reintroduction to the battlefield fully painted will allow the squad to shine through.

Call it what you want, but the models when I view them or handle them seem larger and better than their unpainted states. Maybe it is the whole painted feel, but who knows. This squad would have been great to field in my last game, I dropped so many marines on the table it really wouldn't have mattered and might have been overkill.

The Devastator squad has been off the battlefield ever since they were paint stripped and last week the Baal Predator was not on the battlefield either. I currently have the Baal Predator in production behind this squad alongside a Land Raider. I should have no issues getting some WIP pictures of the Baal and maybe the Land Raider depending upon what work I can do soon.

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  1. Looking good. One thing though, was wondering if perhaps you ought to repaint the Sergeant's mohawk blue (a different shade) to tie in the with squad's helmet color?